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/ak/ - Alaska

I Froze My Nuts off in Alaska

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File: 1461901129101.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2640x3960, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: a2a626be56 No.843

Too much arguing here lately. I have some win collected from here and elsewhere id be willing to start a btsync up with if given some days. Id really expect other anon to contribute, but im willing to start. Tell me
If interested.

ID: a0ec9167fa No.845

Lets do it

ID: 69d4a71942 No.853

ok, ive got one started. its unsorted and ill be adding/sorting throughout the day but would love to see new stuff put up on it.


ID: 1fe3002a4a No.854

How do you access it? I'm unfamiliar with btsync. I don't have much but I can contribute some

ID: f8c66b52e0 No.855

There's some solid stuff here. Not to ask too much but If you can please label pics and vids, there's a couple girls I swear I know in real life.

ID: a2a626be56 No.856

Sorry all ive had time for is a raw dump. If you can add names to any of them please add a new folder, i dont have names for sll of them

ID: b612e8b08c No.863

who's the redhead in OP's pic?

ID: b3265626cf No.892

If someone else posts some of their collection on btsync I will finally dump my stuff from AK

ID: 209bfc58ef No.893

what the fuck is btsync?

ID: a2a626be56 No.894

I have more to post but need to sort it a bit. Hopefully tonight. Also, someone keeps deleting actually legit shit.

ID: 80396c6b5d No.1039

Post all the Alaskan tumblrs you got here?

ID: e4c5a381b8 No.1040

File: 1464924368378-0.jpg (78.74 KB, 479x719, 39225_10150245162970413_61….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1464924368378-1.jpg (13.76 KB, 422x187, 100_0735.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Kodiak based here. Have a bunch (from still or once on island)

Wanted to pop in and say i'm syncing the folder now, and as soon as i get my old harddrive plugged in tomorrow, i'll start contributing too!

Nice work so far, let's keep it going on as close to a "put up or shut up" kind of a fun group :D

ID: e4c5a381b8 No.1050

added first contributions to kodiak folder. Anybody else post new?

ID: 22bfd1ad7e No.1051

You added like 7 files to a folder that has over 400. "Put up or shut up"

ID: e4c5a381b8 No.1052

I can tell you haven't posted anything to this thread, your post ID gives it away…

But i'm not here to fight. Added more, put up or shut up :P

however this will be the last if nobody else contributes. I don't need/want other stuff if it requires I be harassed by non-contributing fuckwits like the gent i'm replying to.

@ the rest of you, no beef, let's have fun!

ID: 95bdb3da88 No.1053

I have more was just hoping after the last 100 or so I would get something posted.

ID: 80396c6b5d No.1055

We can't get at the last 100 for some reason. Won't open them.

ID: 8384679393 No.1059

I just dumped the entire old anonib ak into the btsync. Not the one that you can google search that redirects you to this website, im talking the one that was taken down completely. Enjoy gents.

ID: 59f35d79b6 No.1331


ID: e009e5dcd0 No.1418

can someone teach me how to use bt sync

ID: fbbf4722e0 No.1726

if anyone still reads this: dont remove the files if you want to get them off your device. just clear it

ID: fd6d0ca2f0 No.1761

bump, how bout some more peninsula girls in here

ID: 33c7a36cd3 No.1848

bump anyone got more juneau stuff, found a couple files in different folders

ID: d5d033b45a No.1849

Who ya got?

ID: b18ebaf767 No.1851

how do we find the folders?

ID: 00a1fd513e No.2013

yo pretty sure "RATH-BR" just deleted everything. can anyone put it back

ID: a46a59e557 No.2018

Shit hit move instead of copy…. fixing now. My bad guys.

ID: 23644a6975 No.2311

have a decent amount of anchorage girls in addition to what ive already added. been thinking about adding for a while but this hasnt really been updated with something new in a long time. anyone pay attention to btsync anymore? anyone got anything else to add if i do? dont come at me for holding out

ID: 8957ca198a No.2312

I also have more, let the share train begin!

ID: 512fe9f8a9 No.2314

I have been paying attention to it and adding as I can!

ID: 8f712da2b8 No.2315

File: 1492533046415.jpg (32.84 KB, 350x313, 197122_10150108005120787_5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Anymore of these beauties?

ID: b5104d9f50 No.2323

I've only seen maybe 2 peninsula girls on here. are there any more out there? bout to contribute a few of mine, I'll contribute more as i see more girls

ID: 776a141822 No.2339

File: 1493285685709.jpg (67.07 KB, 450x800, ashley113.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

here's ashley

ID: cb9e43c3d4 No.2340


Last initial? Got any more? Think I know her..

ID: c4a22d3d2c No.2341

Ashley J. Nothing else that's not on her facebook or anything unfortunately

ID: b384b339ed No.2358

what happened to this? there were like 26 people now suddenly 0

ID: 396cc208bf No.2361

File: 1493711360494.jpg (343.25 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_2472.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Does anyone have any of her. Used to work at hard rock.

ID: dc478817a7 No.2391

Can i use btsync from my phone ?

ID: 624ddef51d No.2400

Could someone clean up/organize the files? There's a lot of garbage and broken files that should be removed

ID: 437c27ab81 No.2415

everything is deleted.

ID: 4811d16df7 No.2435

Well I guess we'd better work on putting it back together.

ID: 3c8806b558 No.2928


ID: 85b94c547a No.2931

Sorry for being a noob, but is there any way someone could share how to access this btsync?

ID: f2c7af61f8 No.3009


ID: 9cf7515206 No.3335


ID: 69cb9a5c09 No.3438

So I got btsync and have no idea how to find this collection. Help a brother out, anyone? Have a few Peninsula wins

ID: d27840af85 No.3450

click the + add your gallery, share the key and people will add to it… like me who also has penn wins

ID: e6bb038c68 No.3454

are you saying you are looking for the key to access it?

ID: b925591c16 No.3475

Yes, that's what I'm looking for

ID: 78b9d4b991 No.3486

File: 1504779742431.jpg (110.09 KB, 750x750, IMG_4741.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

She's from Anchorage and she works at the captain cook. Really cute and would like some wins of her.

ID: 78b9d4b991 No.3488

Share some of the wealth

ID: 03ae9f1216 No.3688

Any reason that the whole file wont index? Getting a lot that say their locked by a key from another program. Also, has the key remained the same? Any other keys?

ID: 9428675f30 No.3743

so for some reason all the files are greyed out on my phone and they won't sync. somebody lock them or something? or am I just dumb

ID: 5ecf84aa0d No.3746

why are all the folders empty??? who fucked up

ID: df2b018cae No.3748

Someone logging in on a Samsung and some random basement pc or some such reference name keeps removing things… maybe they have a bad setting, or someone being a dick. who knows.

ID: c16f90fe5f No.3751

Seems to be working now couple folders empty does anybody have any pictures of Native girls I think I put in there from Fairbanks looking for Sheila

ID: df2b018cae No.3758

Resilio automatically backs everything up heh.

ID: bfb1e6d13d No.4182

We should not let this die. I only had a folder and some change to add, but you dont eat a whale all at once, but one bite at a time.

ID: f78e86a6cd No.4185

Once I have synced I'll add some K-penn hits I have had gathered threw the years

ID: 220ccb6e3a No.4216

is someone removing files again?

ID: c5e7ef7f07 No.4218

Removing files that won't sync and are just sitting there as well as empty folders

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