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Can we have a admin start banning ips of the people demanding wins in return or before posting they defeat the whole purpose of these boards and have become a cancer particularly in the alabama boards ? Call me a cry baby but this shits getting ridiculous you can’t catch wins on a single board without some asshat demanding someone else post before they “dump all they’ve got” which is obviously jack shit or your thirsty ass would be contributing to the site for what it is an anon posting board !


I'd like to upvote this comment. Instant Ban for people offering "trades".


Bump dis.


I got the shakes that'll make you quake. I got the fries that will cross your eyes. I got the burgers that… will… I just got burgers


I apparently typed a post too long for this when I last responded, however yes I fully agree.

People are treating nudes like currency here, and that even goes against the rules of no trading. It's been a steady building attitude for the last few years where people hoard them more and more and give them out less and less, where to even get into their nudes club you have to already have a ton yourself,

This is an image sharing board, a place I used to be able to go to see girls I know irl. Now it's just filled with dead threads saying "I'll only post ___ if ___ is posted." We know they're full of shit so anyone who even does have that ignores it.

I say to stop it, just report those posts. Yes moderation is a joke here, only cleaning spam, and mass reported posts, but it'll be a good step. Report and ignore it.


Don't let this die, shit needs to change around here


Amen to this preach just preach it


Let's keep this at the top,maybe we can get a pin.


Keeping this front page. Remember to report people posting their email or demanding wins before they post any


First page bump


I’m all for the not begging and posting, but you sound like a cry baby I want a participation trophy bitch.


Drop something nobody’s seen if you care so much about the movement.




Participation trophy ?
Go fuck your mom snow flake you must be part of the problem around here this post has been on the front page for weeks
Haters gonna hate tho. Especially when your taking away the only thing that makes them ever feel like they’ve accomplished shit in their lives.
Props to the op.
There’s been more wins on the random win board and more wins in general since this was posted.


Not to mention this posts gotten a pin.
So a admins watching, all you fuck bois screaming about your trades and demanding wins for wins are a dying breed go hang yourself fucking loser.


The op of this post started the random wins board he posted numerous wins there check the board before you start shit talking


I agree with the OP you’re a “cry baby bitch”


Are you retarded or just stupid? Did you let fly whatever first came to mind?

If you think it's been weeks since this was posted go look back at the timestamp. 5 days ago. Also no pin, just me and one other guy bumping each time it hits page 4.

Your toxic attitude and speech patterns make you sound like some kind of 14 year old creep, which is somehow worse if you are old enough to be here. Grow TF up.


Lmao because speech and proper grammar matter on a anon board,
Fucking loser are you done yet I think we’d all like to get back to the tits.
No ones got time for you and the op to have a schoolroom keyboard fight.
He made good points, your entitled to your opinion.
Now just post wins or move the fuck on.


What do you have to trade?


Oh my God you missed the point of this entire thread


Who is this guy calling someone a snowflake?!? He literally made a post crying then lied about how long it had been up and “admins pinned it” whatever that even means. What s fag.


A pin just means a admin is monitoring the post.
Usually with intent to block problem starters, tread carefully guys.
I get the feeling the op was giving admin status.


God I hope OP is an admin so we can clean this board up a little.

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