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/de/ - Delaware

The First State

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File: 1479342258267.jpg (67.85 KB, 770x300, IMG_5261.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 907d1c8de7 No.10140

Girls who work Wilmington companies. Riverfront/financial/etc. Old thread deleted. There's win

ID: 907d1c8de7 No.10163

Still want to see Christine nude

ID: f71c8d9bf3 No.10182

Anyone up for 1-1 trade?

ID: ea882ba0c7 No.10246

Who. Want to see Christine. Have a few

ID: 0197568798 No.10256

Christine who ?

ID: c3f64d6e6f No.10270

Christine C? Engaged now.

ID: 952d6af566 No.10417

ID: 145f1d32b1 No.10482


ID: aba4af37f9 No.10484

i would like 2 see a pic of christine ;)

ID: aba4af37f9 No.10485

i wanna see christine nude ;)

ID: 145f1d32b1 No.10487

A pic would help. Christine who

ID: cfe62d16ec No.10514

Stephanie J? Iron hill?

ID: 914e056c71 No.10550

Tons. Who?

ID: aba4af37f9 No.10567

i wanna see christine nude please. i have pics to trade of an ex but wanna see christine first i have mine on standby

ID: aeb80d34f9 No.10568

There's 100 Christine's. you're not helping. Pic? Who is the ex?

ID: 5df861acd9 No.10591

someone post Cristine

ID: c37dcb7fa8 No.10642

Who do u have? There's a lot of ppl start sharing

ID: c37dcb7fa8 No.10686

I do if you do. Get started

ID: 776398610f No.10721

Any Amy H?

ID: 0fe512e80a No.10746

Christine w now she's married post it up shes hot a.f.

ID: f866c3a3b0 No.10754

Too many names w no pics.

ID: aba4af37f9 No.10767

It better not be christine wagner. Thats my wife. I better not find pics of my wife on here. I will have it taken down on the grounds its my wife

ID: b8b4061563 No.10768

It better not be christine wagner. Thats my wife. I will have it taken down. On the grounds its my wife. I better not find pics of my wife here.

ID: a9cf93c0ef No.10775

Claims it's his wife here >>10767
But is saying he wants her nudes here >>10485

ID: aba4af37f9 No.10776

i did not write that. i do not consent to having my wifes picture up here whoever it is that has them should not even have them. jeff or jc. no not post them. there will be problems coming your way if you do.

ID: a9cf93c0ef No.10777


All the same person. Same ID. stop trolling

ID: 914e056c71 No.10790

Busted. Way to waste a thread with potential

ID: a9cf93c0ef No.10818

You also claimed to have pics of your ex. So contribute or stop trolling

ID: 53206e40c6 No.10825

File: 1483994040167-0.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8432.PNG) ImgOps Google

This girl on the left works at Barclays not sure about the one on the right. This is a screencap off a video

ID: 0829c8da59 No.10827

Don't put where they work idiot

ID: e959d42870 No.10831


ID: 3a6a867acc No.10842

10825. Omg thats Danielle H. & Nicole S! You have to post the vid! Or atleast a screenshot 1 sec after that one!

ID: 784c517966 No.10844

Bump! What is the name of that video? ggw?

ID: 53206e40c6 No.10849

File: 1484202519233.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, IMG_8470.PNG) ImgOps Google

Don't know how to post videos. But don't feel right posting nudes publicly either. But here are a few more screenshots. But there is a lot of nudity and more in the video

ID: 914e056c71 No.10850

She doesn't work there anymore but If anyone has win from there besides Danielle. I've got screen grabs.

ID: 784c517966 No.10853

Can you send a link? You are awesome!

ID: 784c517966 No.10867

I will pay for the video or title name so I can see it myself. Let me know.

ID: 2bffa4e302 No.10875

u dont feel right posting the nude ones publicly? r u aware that uve already done that twice??

ID: 914e056c71 No.10878

So she's been gone for years. There's other win. I'll throw some Danielle out if anyone has newer

ID: 0d80e2b8cb No.10881

If you have the means to post, please do! Make someone's or everone's day man!

ID: 2bffa4e302 No.10908

Dont be a lame! Post em if u got em!

ID: 960ad67087 No.11016

Where are the wins? Bump!

ID: d3f3e3eb68 No.11020

Anyone else from there?

ID: 12ccbcbe73 No.11040

Post Danielle! So Hot!

ID: bfc4dcae1e No.11062

Any helen trimble

ID: 3409166032 No.11212


ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11222

File: 1487570283077.jpg (64.65 KB, 380x768, IMG_4795.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Anyone have wins of Annie B? From DE, went to school in South Carolina and is back in DE.

ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11223

ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11224

ID: 3f87be3bf5 No.11225

Why are you bumping your own post twice when it's already at the top

ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11231

ID: 3eb722b0ef No.11239

What college?

ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11243

University of South Carolina

ID: d8aee188fc No.11246

File: 1487809463570.jpg (75.39 KB, 384x532, IMG_4893.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 3eb722b0ef No.11247

Last name rhymes with?

ID: d8aee188fc No.11248

ID: 914e056c71 No.11254


ID: 84104d6ed0 No.11278

ID: c3f64d6e6f No.11453

Still wanna know who this Christine is

ID: 197982f810 No.11457

Can someone please post this video with Danielle and Nicole?!?!

ID: aba4af37f9 No.11485

yeah lets not see christine cuz shes my wife an i do not consent to it. i will have thread taken down if i see her pictures.

ID: 145f1d32b1 No.11491

Please shut up.
1-she isn't your wife
2-nobody was asking about Christine w

Stop being a troll

ID: aba4af37f9 No.11505

i will not shut up until i know for a fact it isnt. cuz its christine r not christine w. her maiden name was christine w. but her married name is christine r.

ID: 9a599793f6 No.11507

I hope this skank is posted and it is this dude's wife. Cause he can't do a thing about it. He can't "have them removed". He can't "track the IP". It's not how this site works.

ID: a80f3c69b4 No.11512

You're the same person who was ASKING for pictures of Christine

And it was Christine C whoever.

ID: 749ee662b1 No.11513

Danielle and Nicole are both my wives so you better not post that video! I'll call Trump to get it removed!….. but seriously let's get this video posted or at least a few more screenshots…

ID: 652a75d057 No.11665

Anyone have not his wife Christine C?

ID: 197982f810 No.12507

Still hoping to see more of Nicole!

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