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/ky/ - Kentucky

Got Teeth?

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File: 1503435925396.jpg (175.32 KB, 1956x1515, PicsArt_08-09-11.29.01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 7ed6df873c No.54515

Can someone send new invite college is back in I can contribute

ID: edafaaaa0d No.54521

Whose that

ID: 1aebe6c965 No.54560


ID: 1aebe6c965 No.54561


ID: 7724cc747d No.54591


ID: 5c04e7592d No.54699


ID: dca3597693 No.54711

What's the #0000?

ID: 1108a9e3c1 No.54716

Drop another one.

ID: 70250aeaa9 No.54727

Yeah I was tired of all the requests and no on posting, sorry for not letting everyone know. Enjoy elsewhere.

ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.54739

Literally just built it though. So come in ready to contribute. I'll give it a week, if no wins are being dropped or the activity is too low, I'll delete it and give up on it. So let's drop our stash and help each other out.

ID: 06bc74b0aa No.54751

Step by step instructions would be helpful. I've got at least 10 wins from barren, bowling green, and Horse cave that's never been seen by anyone but myself.

ID: f915f26efc No.54752

But whose the girl tho

ID: a5795f9b0f No.54765

download discord, use the link above to join.

ID: 20ea0b99aa No.54791

Is there a new ky link…?

ID: 5fb0d92a9b No.54794

we had a great discord, discord came in and permabanned everyone that joined within a couple days. idiots

ID: 98c8f21364 No.54806


ID: 8f695ccfb6 No.54810

Sooooooo what you're saying is someone needs to make a new one?

ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.54820

Well I made a new one. But…apparently my account was disabled just now. Haha. Wow.

ID: bd54c7417c No.54910

Lets get another going

ID: 95a2a32137 No.54931


ID: 674eb853b5 No.54960

New one up everyone join zc93Md

ID: 7fefcea8f7 No.55076

That expired fast.
Can get new one?

ID: 44aeca0d8e No.55160


ID: 7c6cbf9147 No.55401

My account was disablesld send a link

ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.55578

File: 1504341220583.jpg (104.16 KB, 720x719, IMG_1315.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Someone posted a pic of this girl in one of the discords. I can't remember the County. But would you be able to post it again here? I'd really appreciate it bud.

ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.55696


ID: 51efdce58f No.55697

Put up new invite code

ID: 44aeca0d8e No.55721

Code now invalid

ID: fbb70b555d No.55722

New invite code?

ID: 7819014146 No.55889

Is there a New invite code ?

ID: b81bb90df6 No.55931

Link is bad. Set the invite to never expire.

ID: 06bc74b0aa No.56031

Need more people in here

ID: d161b17937 No.56097

Anyone else's account get disabled?

ID: 04aa449972 No.56107


ID: d161b17937 No.56112

Wonder if that means we got reported or they just simply shut out account down?

ID: 0538e8c7df No.56136

Need more people in here.

ID: a9db5ea53f No.56137


doesnt really matter wither way. There are no laws whatsoever pertaining to revenge porn in ky. You fine.

ID: 04aa449972 No.56150

Drop a new invite link

ID: 9c693a9d09 No.56175

Someone repost an inv link, my account got disabled again lol

ID: 04aa449972 No.56242


ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.56366

There's no links because the last two discords that were up ended up getting shut down and accounts banned. Some douche thinks it's fun to report the discords I guess. I know the first one was reported due to underage nudes. The second one, the one I created, had no underage nudes but still got shut down. So as of now, there isn't a discord. Someone can create another if they feel the notion to. But it would seem it's some losers mission to report them and get everyone banned. So be warned.

I may try to create a new one, but I'm going to find a way to prevent the banning.

ID: 2485d1e49c No.56367


There is a new one going already but i dont think anyone is posting links directly here since its either white knight cucks or the cock sleeve whoers that come here to whine taht are reporting them.

ID: d18162253c No.56373

File: 1505102160470.jpg (18.03 KB, 329x424, 10250708_10202153388297766….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Someone add me I got some new Boyd County Ashland stuff to post I dont post on ANONIB now Rachel#6015

ID: d58feba0cd No.56408


ID: 94e218b38e No.56471

I've got some stuff we can trade then I have lots of boyd area ones never posted

ID: d71f382ab2 No.56511

Who you got from Boyd? Any raceland?

ID: 6e50407bf1 No.56547

You people need to seriously learn how to set the invite to never expire

ID: 47a41cd28f No.56550

Who's the girl above?

ID: 909ee057a0 No.56746

Everyone Get in Here!

ID: bbb085aeb0 No.56757

New link pls

ID: 439ed2cdf4 No.56853

kathryn L

ID: 54ba3e4eab No.56856

Anymore Kathryn L?

ID: d3e8708073 No.56871

Expired invite

ID: 61f506252b No.56952

Damn this place died. Still have about 800 wins or so. Kik me and I'll discuss trading. I'm not dumping on a dead server. U can keep the "post and they will come" BS too. Kik johndogood

ID: fd89cad3b7 No.56960

Bump for Kathryn

ID: 9c89ea5c02 No.57353


ID: d643a57c72 No.57522


ID: 909ee057a0 No.57525

discord.gg/ xp9JCaB
Remove space. This is a permanent invite.

ID: d205e9cfd5 No.57530


All counties on here. Perm invite.

ID: 44aeca0d8e No.57543

All invites expired

ID: 3396fd287d No.57671

send new link invite. I have some to contribute

ID: 99251a7e6a No.57774

discord.gg/ F8T5Xk9
Remove space

ID: 7190b1f3e8 No.57866

Did it get shut down? I was in it earlier today but now it's not on my server list.

ID: 6fa796f33c No.57869

Not on my server list

ID: 9c89ea5c02 No.57870

Somebody send code

ID: 9c89ea5c02 No.57889

Dead & gone

ID: ae17cd142a No.57890

Anyone have a code

ID: 7819014146 No.57905

What's the link to the one with Adair county

ID: 2fb2d44625 No.57909

Code expired, anybody got another?

ID: 6e50407bf1 No.57910

Invite please

ID: e30c2fa710 No.57928

Not on my list. Shut down or new code????

ID: 694f1bae6c No.57962

Can I get a new invite code

ID: 2fb2d44625 No.57997

Code doesnt work..

ID: 130a68459e No.58037

There are 2 ky discords, one that the moderator forgot about so there are 3 counties. And one that the moderator is being selective about and has like 4 people in.

Someone make one and post a perma link.

ID: 6e50407bf1 No.58060

I think maybe its just time to end it

ID: 0f89846cde No.58131

Made a new discord. This one pretty much no bullshit mods or rules except no underage.

Permanent invite:

ID: 482ad52d69 No.58173

Pike/Floyd discord.gg/ PdE7eYF

ID: 0f89846cde No.58235

Bump lets get the new discord lit

Permanent invite:

ID: 7768c50f72 No.58449

Invite code?

ID: 7768c50f72 No.58451

Need new discord link

ID: 4281b91f45 No.58452

Need new invite link

ID: 054b14e8e1 No.58456

Someone add me please.. my discord name is: dontdeletemeplease

My last account got deleted for some reason

ID: 54ba3e4eab No.58462

Same here

ID: cb507a001c No.58468

Someone's white knighting and getting the lobbys closed

ID: 70050f5a11 No.58472

KY2.0 still going? Account was disabled

ID: f91991c7ab No.58478

I got deleted off the server and they disabled my account

ID: 66a01f6a31 No.58491


ID: 2fb2d44625 No.58522

Another invite?

ID: 9c89ea5c02 No.58569

Don’t talk about posting on here but wanna use KIK jackass

ID: b74558fe08 No.58625

Says last code expired. Anyone have a new invite? Have tons of wins

ID: 95a2a32137 No.58671


ID: 3eac9aad49 No.58724

Expired new please

ID: ebbbf67692 No.58793

I dunno why you guys beg for new discord links. It's literally the same thing in every one. The same old wins that are on this site and nothing new. Just people claiming to have shit and wanting to trade. Why even waste your time. You would have better luck finding people you know starting threads on 4chan.

ID: 503f92280a No.59001

Is KY 2.0 still going? can somebody post the invite? I have contributions

ID: 04aa449972 No.59062

Lets get a new inv code to disscord.. i have plenty of wins from scott co ,bourbon,harrison

ID: 04a1baab41 No.59096

New code

ID: 04a1baab41 No.59251

New hardin county discord post away

ID: 1547826aec No.59312


ID: bbe7d663a8 No.59313

Invite code?

ID: 04aa449972 No.59415

What’s the invite?

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