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File: 1467135829418.jpg (99.38 KB, 750x937, 13402478_1243679285677479_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 8155b75331 No.28167[View All]

LLooking for wins. Had a video fingerings herself on snap chat. FT Meade area. Brooky50 is her snapchat. Last name rhymes with mashburn
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ID: 6e0dced8e0 No.41285

Damn really? What's the story on that haha I didn't catch her stories. Sickening. She's got such promise but she surrounds herself with trash

ID: a94bb21923 No.41350


ID: e912b9318c No.41370

She was with some trash ass crackhead looking blonde I never saw with her anywhere else drunk off her ass in a house that was borderline bando judging from the single bulb globeless lit room just barely allowing you to make out some smeared shit looking substance on a wall that someone was to fucking lazy to just wipe off. And I know right. She could fuck some guy and get him to wife her and never have to work while he makes bank but she wants to be dumb and act like she's cool cause she is living some rebel wannabe lifestyle but in reality getting ptfo drunk in a room of niggers with one other girl that looks like she has 3 teeth left from crack addiction is watch she chooses. She will be prego by some nigger that fucked her blacked out with 6 other niggers in no time and addicted to meth not knowing who the father is. Not like it'll matter cause she'll life off wellfare for the kids since none of them broke ass niggers have a job to pay child support anyway.

ID: 75720951ba No.41373


You summed it up perfectly. That's a niggers dream, have a group of them and two white girls. Get them "fucked up for free" wait until they are too drunk to function and take advantage. And her stupid ass probably just was like why did I wake up naked? Oh well. She will never have a decent white guy after carrying on this way

ID: 79815278ae No.41617


ID: 3c32a6e9bd No.41761

Is she still banging for crack?

ID: a94bb21923 No.41763


Lmao she was fucking for crack!? 😂

ID: a8afa62572 No.41971

What a waste

ID: 0fa0c02b8a No.42243

OK, before she gets too bad and no one wants to see her. Let's see what people have in their collections.

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.42311


ID: 36507fb50d No.42476

Can we get a repost of the nudes guys?

ID: 1260160735 No.42870

come on, some nudes

ID: 684388d694 No.42891

I think she got rid of her snapchat

ID: 7afc8b14ee No.42903

Nope. She still has it.

ID: a849c3837f No.42959

but she never answers

ID: 1260160735 No.43330

repost her nudes

ID: e546328f5e No.43331

I've got about 30 of her. Willing to go pic for pic on here with people. And I'm not talking about someone posting the ones I've already posted here of her. Fuck this bitch. She's a nigger love now and probably a soon to be junkie

ID: d18c539c32 No.43332

Who you looking for pic for pic….I've wanted to see this slut bad ever since i saw her masturbsting

ID: fbe73447d9 No.43333

Kik EDITED and join the discord. The MD one has a ton of wins people have posted you may want. Just have to post original content to be approved.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

ID: e546328f5e No.43334

Pic for pic of Brooke lol

ID: 681987e488 No.43412

It fair to say that you are the only one with win. How about helping us out and sharing 5 of your wins with us. I know i would be in debt to you.

ID: 670abaae0d No.43426

This is not a trading site. It is a sharing site. If you don't want to share that's on you but holding pics back because no one will trade "pic for pic" is mental, dude. If I had pics i would gladly share with you all.

ID: 5616a97a56 No.43446


You misunderstood. I wasn't asking to trade, i was saying I would go pic for pic on this thread of her. I'm the only one who has posted her. And one other person posted one. And then disappeared. I've just always been waiting for someone to finally post with me

ID: cd95f73992 No.43448

What if no one else has any?

Sucks to hear shes still blowing for blow lol.

ID: 5616a97a56 No.43450


People do, she's a whore lol. I'm just not sure why they don't post. Lol does she do blow? She's giving head for it now? lol Jesus. I'm glad I don't fuck her anymore. She's probably got shit now. She asked for money then. Just didn't know what for.

ID: ca35350bb4 No.43451

She hasn't reacted to the ones already posted. So how about being cool and letting us see her win. Thanks.

ID: e39c3667ea No.43474

What's her last name? Snapchat or insta?

ID: 4742e3f2a4 No.43480

File: 1489785136780.jpg (132.62 KB, 750x1334, Photo Apr 10, 12 11 59 AM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'll do y'all a solid and post. But I'm going to need others to also. At least tell some stories about her, not fake stories real ones lol

ID: 681987e488 No.43481

I do not have pics or stories. But I thank you sir for sharing what you have.

ID: dd003511a4 No.43483


I just keep hoping somebody will finally post with me lol. But she's a whore. So fuck it

ID: 08c85b5a58 No.43491

Yea I got nothing, but I'd love to see these cause I know she sucks as a person :X

ID: 50f8320c1a No.43493

Does this mean you'll post more?

ID: 670abaae0d No.43513

Well im a pretty decent looking guy and im good with the girls (not being cocky) and i've been trying to get pics for weeks and it seems that i'm not even close. So she can't be that easy lol.

ID: 31770c794b No.43515


She probably just knows about this. She's definitely easy. Offer her money

ID: a849c3837f No.43538

she's hot but not talking much on snapchat. So it's hard to get something. Thanks for the pics posted so far, she's hot!

ID: 173006d737 No.43569

File: 1489973227863.jpg (760.76 KB, 1319x2047, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 173006d737 No.43570

Ill post more when the other guy posts one

ID: d5d90a1306 No.43574


Been waiting for you to come along. Somebody who is willing to post with me. Finally

ID: d5d90a1306 No.43575

Picture didn't post, let me try this again.

ID: 681987e488 No.43576

You are a god! Finally someone who will share!

ID: 80c2725104 No.43578

Post it up let's get it goin

ID: ba1e1c0e99 No.43579


3rd time trying to get picture to upload. It posts the text and no picture, have that problem with this site at times idk why. If it doesn't work we may have to post them all to vola for everyone

ID: acfebeb41e No.43584

Post here or I'm not posting more

ID: a94bb21923 No.43591

I guess you don't know what vola is. It's posted for everybody to see the same as this. I've posted her wins to vola in this thread previously when I couldn't get pictures to load. You forget that I'm the only person who has posted in this thread before you came along. If you don't wish to post, then don't. That's up to you. I know I'm not the only person who's pictures don't always post with their messages on here. I've seen it numerous times. I'll attempt again. Like I said though, if you don't want to post.. don't? I have probably 5 videos and 40 pictures. It's not that I need win. I just think she's trashy

ID: a94bb21923 No.43592

File: 1489994565657.jpg (160.38 KB, 750x1334, Photo Jul 17, 12 28 44 PM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a94bb21923 No.43594



ID: a94bb21923 No.43595

Also, it appears this thread has reached its bump limit and will no longer be pushed to the top when posted. We need to gather all pictures from this thread, and post to a new thread with her on here. Or it will be lost. I believe 250 posts makes a post hit it's bump limit. Especially if the new guy wants to start posting with me on here.

ID: 681987e488 No.43611

The rest of us need win hahA

ID: 632dc00e00 No.43615


Hey man start a new thread with all the pictures from this one me I'll continue posting here.

ID: 50f8320c1a No.43632

New thread created.

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