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File: 1467135829418.jpg (99.38 KB, 750x937, 13402478_1243679285677479_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 8155b75331 No.28167[View All]

LLooking for wins. Had a video fingerings herself on snap chat. FT Meade area. Brooky50 is her snapchat. Last name rhymes with mashburn
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ID: 773ccfb7d6 No.37672

Picture didn't post, been having this problem on the north east thread. I'll try again, if it doesn't work someone post a vola and I'll up it there.

ID: a28e2ab7dd No.37673


ID: a94bb21923 No.37678

There you go my guy

ID: 681987e488 No.37713

Thanks. Sharing is caring.

ID: a94bb21923 No.37717

You're welcome my guy. All hope is not lost, I still remain unconvinced that I am the only one who has wins of her. Just need people to step up besides me.

ID: d37461a649 No.37725

Wow great, thanks! How did you do to get them?

ID: e6f591ede4 No.37950


ID: a94bb21923 No.37953

lol damn y'all won't even post her to the vola. Thought for sure if I posted to vola others would.

ID: e6f591ede4 No.38044


ID: 606819c402 No.38240

Where'd they go?? Can someone post the new ones here?

ID: 1260160735 No.38686

the post in voila is about other girl, we need repost Brooke, please if someone have it, can post again?

ID: 2255ac7b9f No.38691

Bump she is so sexy

ID: 1260160735 No.38844

post again in voila about brooke please

ID: 173006d737 No.39304


ID: 1260160735 No.39305

con someone post again Brooke's nudes, thanks

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39368


ID: 1260160735 No.39832

some pictures of her???

ID: 75418dab5e No.39835

Holy fuck this is the first time I've saw someone I know on here. I have a tonew of wins from snapchat when we were dating right after she turned 18. how long do these threads last? I can post them tonight if this will still be up still?

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39839

pretty sure threads last forever, please post them

ID: f0eb6d21b3 No.39855

File: 1483435687112.jpg (853.73 KB, 1080x1920, brooky50_2016-10-13_00-32-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

one of many as promised
to hold u over.

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39857


ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39867

repost link?

ID: 681987e488 No.39916

Bump. Looking forward to more!

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39972

bump for more brooke

ID: a94bb21923 No.39990

Unfortunately she probably found this and knew who he was (him saying he dated her right after 18) and bitched him out. Hoping he still posts

ID: 1260160735 No.40038

naaah, I bet he is making a good collection of all her nudes

ID: a94bb21923 No.40075


I hope so, because I saw this a day after him. I'm original content that's been posted other than the last one. Was happy to finally have someone to post with

ID: 681987e488 No.40170

bump for more WIN!!

ID: a94bb21923 No.40190


I'm telling you he's gone lol. He fucked up by saying he dated her right after she turned 18. White knight probably told her, and she probably offered him blowjobs to keep them safe

ID: 1260160735 No.40218

I hope he post more

ID: 173006d737 No.40379


ID: 1260160735 No.40424

is he dead? come on bro post your pictures of her

ID: 1260160735 No.40554


keep your promise, Post more

ID: 3abefb91d1 No.40862

bump for more of her bumps

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.41060


ID: 6dd33171dc No.41079


Does she have herpes? Noticed a bump on her pussy lip in a picture she had sent me a while back. Always wondered, couldn't tell though and it was only 1 bump

ID: 1260160735 No.41240

all promises are fake

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.41245


ID: e912b9318c No.41273

Prob just razor bumps but I do think she was fucked by niggers while passed our recently judging by her snapchat stories

ID: 6e0dced8e0 No.41285

Damn really? What's the story on that haha I didn't catch her stories. Sickening. She's got such promise but she surrounds herself with trash

ID: a94bb21923 No.41350


ID: e912b9318c No.41370

She was with some trash ass crackhead looking blonde I never saw with her anywhere else drunk off her ass in a house that was borderline bando judging from the single bulb globeless lit room just barely allowing you to make out some smeared shit looking substance on a wall that someone was to fucking lazy to just wipe off. And I know right. She could fuck some guy and get him to wife her and never have to work while he makes bank but she wants to be dumb and act like she's cool cause she is living some rebel wannabe lifestyle but in reality getting ptfo drunk in a room of niggers with one other girl that looks like she has 3 teeth left from crack addiction is watch she chooses. She will be prego by some nigger that fucked her blacked out with 6 other niggers in no time and addicted to meth not knowing who the father is. Not like it'll matter cause she'll life off wellfare for the kids since none of them broke ass niggers have a job to pay child support anyway.

ID: 75720951ba No.41373


You summed it up perfectly. That's a niggers dream, have a group of them and two white girls. Get them "fucked up for free" wait until they are too drunk to function and take advantage. And her stupid ass probably just was like why did I wake up naked? Oh well. She will never have a decent white guy after carrying on this way

ID: 79815278ae No.41617


ID: 3c32a6e9bd No.41761

Is she still banging for crack?

ID: a94bb21923 No.41763


Lmao she was fucking for crack!? 😂

ID: a8afa62572 No.41971

What a waste

ID: 0fa0c02b8a No.42243

OK, before she gets too bad and no one wants to see her. Let's see what people have in their collections.

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.42311


ID: 36507fb50d No.42476

Can we get a repost of the nudes guys?

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