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/md/ - Maryland

If You Can Dream It, We Can Tax It!

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File: 1467135829418.jpg (99.38 KB, 750x937, 13402478_1243679285677479_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 8155b75331 No.28167[Last 50 Posts]

LLooking for wins. Had a video fingerings herself on snap chat. FT Meade area. Brooky50 is her snapchat. Last name rhymes with mashburn

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28178

Still got it? That's all you had?

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28183

File: 1467148047537-0.jpeg (142.23 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1467148047537-1.jpeg (198.29 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 8155b75331 No.28224

She deleted it in a hurry. I don't have anything of her. I would love to though

ID: 0113c4c512 No.28227

Damn really? must have missed that snapchat, somebody must have something.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28233

They definitely do she sends them out like candy lol. Fact

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28241

Her pussy is so damn perfect and bald… I wish I had saved it, or she had legit win out there

ID: cbb5f60647 No.28284

Such a slut

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28307

Put some wins up boys! She has a bf now so she is tough.

ID: a05051b999 No.28311

Has anybody gotten any since she's been with her bf? Just wondering if she'd still be easy

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28313

She still talks and snaps. I haven't gotten anymore win though

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28315

Damn. You still got any that you just don't want to up here

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28317

It's been a long time so I don't have anything now. I wish .. she's with her bf right now unfortunately cause she was just butt ass naked in bed

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28320

Shit. How you know she was naked?

ID: 8155b75331 No.28362

She snapped me and you could see she didn't have anything on, on top at least.

ID: da89abee87 No.28378

She show the titties?

ID: 8155b75331 No.28381

Almost. Not full though

ID: ce60e34f90 No.28394

Pretty sure her boyfriend is gay

ID: 8737f0f012 No.28399

I wouldn't be surprised. Hopefully he is fuckin her for the rest of us haha

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28476

Someone pout some wins if she really is slutty! Help a brother out

ID: 803bd756a6 No.28486

File: 1467522664328.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, image.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28495

She also has pierced nipples, now..

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28538


ID: 6f149661f3 No.28622

Bump some one please have something

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.28918

Ill pay for wins of this damn girl

ID: 6f149661f3 No.29253


ID: 2640478adb No.29274

I know someone has them but won't post them, swap them fuck it

ID: f42ac3135a No.29275

If someone wants to come forward with proof haha

ID: 803bd756a6 No.29281

Do you have them also?

ID: 2916270f86 No.29282

Negative. I have seen a video, but that's it.

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.29402

She is all about that goofy little boyfriend she has. Never messages back, anymore. Thread is probably dead.

ID: 851d9c34a5 No.29796

Now is the time! She broke up with that fool and has been floating her stuff. Just a towel with a nip slip and a tight white t with nothing underneath.

ID: 4500b4625c No.29843

i think i save that with my old phone…..

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.29845

Find it and post them up!

ID: 4500b4625c No.29906

Here you go : anon-v.com/videos/90289/brook-a2/

ID: 51d4e2e9fc No.29947

Damn an actual working videos thanks. Not nude though.

ID: 4500b4625c No.29954

she just made a nother one with her and the boyfriend in take a bath but i was able to get that one to day because my snapchat stop working…

ID: be3fee77f2 No.30057


ID: 803bd756a6 No.30059

File: 1469580661246.png (4.76 MB, 1242x2208, image.png) ImgOps Google

ID: e62a58a984 No.30090

Sorry guys. There aren't any out thereeeee

ID: daf07e3e5b No.30208

She caught her bf sucking another guy off that's why they broke up the last time

ID: 8155b75331 No.30216

Bahahaha that shit is funny.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30261

File: 1469897503038.jpeg (286.57 KB, 1242x1531, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30275

You can see her pierced nipple in that one

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30300

Where did everyone go

ID: be3fee77f2 No.30384

Bump af

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30416

She's a slut

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30417

With zero wins.

ID: 8490f68774 No.30422

Surveys? Fuck that

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30430

Trust me. There are plenty of wins. People just won't post because they think if they do she won't send again after she breaks up with the girl she's dating now

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30432

That's great. Just post them!

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30507

Dead… rip thread

ID: 43ca4b07aa No.30515

File: 1470323343312.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160803-202516.png) ImgOps Google

From snapchat.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30529

Nice, was that posted to her story too or did she send it? When was that from

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30530

Anybody know if she fucks a lot? Like real stories?

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30548

Well damn!

ID: 8155b75331 No.30589

She either blocked me, or deleted her snapchat haha

ID: 906ae6f76e No.30595

You were blocked

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30707

She blocked a lot. Probably when her boyfriend was browsing this website for wins of guys he knows and he came across his girlfriend on here haha

ID: 48f86e5170 No.30733

Gay jokes are great but why would he browse here for guys fucktard

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.30834

Everyone claiming she is a ho needs to put the wins out there, now that she blocked people

ID: 803bd756a6 No.30923

She 18 nowwww

ID: a0e8a7306d No.31050


ID: 803bd756a6 No.31102

Is she still with that faggot?

ID: be3fee77f2 No.31109

Dont think so, bitch is cryin on the snap rn

ID: a0e8a7306d No.31263


ID: 1ca6106e12 No.31397

At least we got one win out of the thread. RIP

ID: 0a5582c2c6 No.31483

File: 1471944026537.jpg (169.81 KB, 1089x1936, IMG_4483.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 803bd756a6 No.31505

File: 1471995829921.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, image.png) ImgOps Google


ID: 1ca6106e12 No.31507

Those need to be shared more! Damn

ID: 803bd756a6 No.31536

Thought somebody would post after that. Oh well

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.31543

I wish I had wins to contribute. I made the post, so people could share since there seems to be so many wins out there. I've only ever been able to watch her slip up and post the fingerings video last year

ID: 445a196ece No.31545

Jesus, I wish I had something to contribute man. You're doing the lords work though so keep it up lol.

ID: 1341512949 No.31686

Posting social media names is against the rules and we're going to get shut down you fucking dipshits

ID: 005efd8146 No.31740

More nudes?

ID: c68ef6cedb No.32174

Bumping her. She's cute as hell

ID: 9c134ab65f No.32439


ID: 1260160735 No.32519

upload videos

ID: 1260160735 No.32653

post all you have guys

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32672

I would, but being that literally nobody else has posted it would be a little obvious who they came from if I continued to. So unless other prove she has also sent out a lot to them I can't. I'm sorry. It's not about not sharing, it's about not being the one scapegoat lol

ID: ee5075a9aa No.32692

You got Kik?

ID: be2589d5bf No.32696

I can make one you got a bunch?

ID: fbe73447d9 No.32706

How about a Volafile that everyone can dump to at once.

ID: 1260160735 No.32708

thanks you a lot, your theory is awesome, I have but I don't share if other don't do, then everybody thinks like me so this page can go to trash.

you must relearn the concept of share

ID: be2589d5bf No.32710

ID: bfb48d6d2e No.32718


good theory, she bated on snap for me the day I added her. literally have to ask.

ID: fbafa199ee No.32727

Theory is great. But when no one has proof or shares proof they have win than it just sits there. I've traded with some saying they have win. But when you got no face shots to prove its her. It's a waste.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32736


Lol I like making up stories with anonymous people too :)

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32737


Also, I've got face shots and a bunch that aren't face shots. If you do also we can make it happen since nobody else will

ID: e8a7b77925 No.32738

this only works if you can post and prove. thats how this board works

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32740

I'm telling you we can do it elsewhere not here

ID: e8a7b77925 No.32742

proof and i'll share my drive login, her and others.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32791

File: 1473709048774.jpeg (402.48 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Not outing on here, covered up just enough so you'd see it was actually a nude. Let me know what you want to do.

ID: fbafa199ee No.32800

Getting closer.

ID: 4643ab0a66 No.32806

I'm the one that put the text covering her nipple to prove I had pictures with her face also. If you want to make something happen I'll be here

ID: fbafa199ee No.32811

I don't have her but I have others her age. Contact info?

ID: 48ac4b2382 No.32862

lol guess y'all are bluffing. I supply proof and nothing. Typical lol

ID: e185dd9e1e No.32863

I give you props for getting when. I havent had luck with her. But I have gotten great wins from other girls.

ID: c165cab0c5 No.32867

Got a kik? Being that body else in this thread produces anything lol.

ID: 1ca6106e12 No.32871

I started this thread, I appreciate the wins posted, I also appreciate the reasons of anonymity. We are all gracious of what has been posted, if there are other means of sharing, please, do tell.

ID: 1260160735 No.32959

thanks for all post, I wish you guys can keep sharing more and doing less drama. with good intentions we can have a great thread

ID: 1b57191f60 No.32970

I agree. It's hard when only a few have win of a certain person. The few with win feel like they work to get those and it feels like you are giving it away for free. I'm the same way on the Oregon board. I share in hopes that others will share other people I don't have.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.32972

I'm not worried about giving them up, I just haven't seen proof that she has sent them to many people. And I'm worried if I post she sees obviously and then knows it was me.

ID: 631641b9a9 No.32979

I think it's pretty obvious she sends to multiple people, they just prob don't use this site.

ID: 681987e488 No.32988

That's a risk we all take in sharing on this board. If only white knights understood telling them about the pictures doesn't make her like you more or ever. Stupid white knights.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33016

Fuck it lol

ID: c3a3ea37c1 No.33018

Are you gonna share more bro? I'd be willing to hit you up to share privately if you're still not gonna post

ID: a767f066f0 No.33022

Nice try ass wipe, only an idiot would fall for that scam.

ID: 2f3a661ee9 No.33024

Just make a Vola I'll add in

ID: c3a3ea37c1 No.33032

Room /_8Vdjk

ID: c3a3ea37c1 No.33034


Sorry K is caps

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33036

Still doesn't work

ID: c3a3ea37c1 No.33042

It works, ppl are in there

ID: b9f6e9beb9 No.33043

Post the vola link

ID: c3a3ea37c1 No.33044




Its case sensative

ID: 1260160735 No.33053

What nudes are we watching?? because see no one

ID: 3f4ba18b21 No.33065

Can't get link to work. Idk why. If anything is posted in there I'll post

ID: b9f6e9beb9 No.33066

Link is working for me. People slowly sharing in there.

ID: c360ea0cc7 No.33069

Yeah I realized it just won't let me load vola on safari. I have plenty to share just can't get into it

ID: c360ea0cc7 No.33071

Any idea how to get to it other than on safari on iPhone it won't load the page and I have great service at the moment

ID: c360ea0cc7 No.33072

Actually if you have kik and can send me what has been posted I'll send you what I have so you can post until I'm able to get on my computer to view

ID: b9f6e9beb9 No.33078

You try registering for Vola. Let me upload from my iPhone.

ID: e851d5838c No.33082

Kik me

ID: 1260160735 No.33124

private sharing is sad, post in the common group

ID: 4643ab0a66 No.33132

Ok go ahead and post then. Obviously none of you have any

ID: 1260160735 No.33194

awesome, we had 6 pictures, now we have 2, come on guys, I know we can do it even worst

ID: 681987e488 No.33236

Will anyone just share what they have. This is going nowhere!

ID: 010239c7bc No.33239

can someone repost the vola or post what was on there? it never worked for me

ID: d61e924899 No.33247

There was no win posted in th vola. And on iPhone it will only load the page if you are connected to wifi for some reason. I would have posted win in the vola if others had also but nobody did

ID: 681987e488 No.33252

why do you refuse to post unless others do? Apparently your the only one with win. share the love man…

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33255

Idc about sharing, but if that's the case and I'm the only one with win.. When I post, she will find out obviously because white knights. And she will know exactly who posted them lol

ID: 1260160735 No.33266

does she still send you wins? because if she stopped why are you scared, btw if she doesn't stop, are you sure 100% you are the only lucky one? take the risk

ID: a0e8a7306d No.33353


ID: 3cd0ec1cff No.33405

And the thread dies it's last slow death!

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33409

Because nobody else will post lol

ID: 6e486002ac No.33440

post or die

ID: f62d0d7cd3 No.33443

He doesn't have any

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33465

lol dumbasses I'm the only one to post. And posted a picture with face as proof already in here. I'm not asking for money or trades or anything for them. Simply asking that others post of her as well

ID: bb8cd77bd0 No.33468

Do you think the exact pictures she sent you. I'm sure she has sent to others they just don't know about this site. So those of us that do and would praise you for sharing ask for you to please share with us. Password them and you can delete them anytime you want after posting them. Just let the rest of us see what she looks like. Thank you.

ID: a28e2ab7dd No.33486

Well obviously if no one has posted anything and this discussion has been going on for over a week. You'd think that "no one has any". So post or move on

ID: f00d2e1772 No.33494

Guy that has the wins, do you know her for real? I'm here because there was a post of her on soc or something. Wondering if she sends pics to randoms or just people she knows

ID: 1260160735 No.33673

post something, sto pabout shit, this is being annoying

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33693

Yeah I know her for real. We are close. Reason why I haven't posted everything without knowing if she sends that freely, I don't know how easy she is to get wins from tbh. Wish I had an answer for you

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33742

File: 1474920760064.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2718.PNG) ImgOps Google

ID: c28093ac43 No.33744

Haha now your just fucking with us!

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33751

What do you mean lol?

ID: 81da374838 No.33755

That's just mean!!!

ID: 3031221ade No.33756

If your cropping pics, crop her face out and post the win!!!

ID: 1260160735 No.33761

I love this censored post ahaahahaha

ID: 803bd756a6 No.33800

Haha honestly that one isn't a win, she posted it to Instagram it's exactly as she posted it. I just posted it for others to see. I haven't posted any other wins other than the few that I did. The last one I posted was the one that I covered with words

ID: 1260160735 No.33965

post something hot and unique, don't be afraid

ID: 1260160735 No.34061

bump. but bump for wins, not for shit

ID: aa1252a112 No.34176

This is getting really old. Either post wins or gtfo

ID: 1260160735 No.34275

post or die

ID: 803bd756a6 No.34280

lol how about you grow some balls and get some pictures yourself little girl. "Post or die" lmao

ID: 9c6f136eb8 No.34314

You don'thave shit lmao. It's been over a month since the last pic. You can bullshit all you want. Nice try though

ID: 0a82a79722 No.34321

I'm the only one with shit on this board apparently. And your elementary school antics won't prove fruitful here lol. "Oh I'll just tell him he doesn't have anything so he gets mad and posts stuff to prove it!"

ID: a1621a2e6e No.34328

Then why the fuck do you still check this board??? Got to love the anon who says he has win but if you did you wouldn't be checking this board every day.

ID: 803bd756a6 No.34334

Dumbass, I check the Maryland board for girls I know. You gay fucks keeps bumping this thread to the top, why would I check a thread that I'm the ONLY one who has posted win to? Clearly there's nothing to check on.

ID: 170e121883 No.34337

And yet you keep posting. Fucking sad.

ID: 1260160735 No.34385

and you too

ID: 1260160735 No.34574

super bump, but bump for good posts, no more shit please

ID: 54023a6907 No.34658

bump, used to go to school w her

ID: 1260160735 No.34781

nice info, do you have a picture of her boobies?

ID: 1260160735 No.35241

bump for love

ID: 1260160735 No.35463

I can't believe everybody ignore this girl

ID: 54023a6907 No.35686


ID: 1260160735 No.36003

upload naked pictures, please

ID: 14c1cc727b No.36059

How did you guys get nudes of her? And is she still delivering?

ID: 1260160735 No.36437

I hope yes

ID: 670185b95e No.36484


ID: 8757233d6e No.37020

Bump it

ID: c45c382651 No.37346

Someone come through

ID: 1260160735 No.37669

seems like everybody lost the hope

ID: a94bb21923 No.37671

Just because y'all needed a little hope.

ID: 773ccfb7d6 No.37672

Picture didn't post, been having this problem on the north east thread. I'll try again, if it doesn't work someone post a vola and I'll up it there.

ID: a28e2ab7dd No.37673


ID: a94bb21923 No.37678

There you go my guy

ID: 681987e488 No.37713

Thanks. Sharing is caring.

ID: a94bb21923 No.37717

You're welcome my guy. All hope is not lost, I still remain unconvinced that I am the only one who has wins of her. Just need people to step up besides me.

ID: d37461a649 No.37725

Wow great, thanks! How did you do to get them?

ID: e6f591ede4 No.37950


ID: a94bb21923 No.37953

lol damn y'all won't even post her to the vola. Thought for sure if I posted to vola others would.

ID: e6f591ede4 No.38044


ID: 606819c402 No.38240

Where'd they go?? Can someone post the new ones here?

ID: 1260160735 No.38686

the post in voila is about other girl, we need repost Brooke, please if someone have it, can post again?

ID: 2255ac7b9f No.38691

Bump she is so sexy

ID: 1260160735 No.38844

post again in voila about brooke please

ID: 173006d737 No.39304


ID: 1260160735 No.39305

con someone post again Brooke's nudes, thanks

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39368


ID: 1260160735 No.39832

some pictures of her???

ID: 75418dab5e No.39835

Holy fuck this is the first time I've saw someone I know on here. I have a tonew of wins from snapchat when we were dating right after she turned 18. how long do these threads last? I can post them tonight if this will still be up still?

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39839

pretty sure threads last forever, please post them

ID: f0eb6d21b3 No.39855

File: 1483435687112.jpg (853.73 KB, 1080x1920, brooky50_2016-10-13_00-32-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

one of many as promised
to hold u over.

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39857


ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39867

repost link?

ID: 681987e488 No.39916

Bump. Looking forward to more!

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.39972

bump for more brooke

ID: a94bb21923 No.39990

Unfortunately she probably found this and knew who he was (him saying he dated her right after 18) and bitched him out. Hoping he still posts

ID: 1260160735 No.40038

naaah, I bet he is making a good collection of all her nudes

ID: a94bb21923 No.40075


I hope so, because I saw this a day after him. I'm original content that's been posted other than the last one. Was happy to finally have someone to post with

ID: 681987e488 No.40170

bump for more WIN!!

ID: a94bb21923 No.40190


I'm telling you he's gone lol. He fucked up by saying he dated her right after she turned 18. White knight probably told her, and she probably offered him blowjobs to keep them safe

ID: 1260160735 No.40218

I hope he post more

ID: 173006d737 No.40379


ID: 1260160735 No.40424

is he dead? come on bro post your pictures of her

ID: 1260160735 No.40554


keep your promise, Post more

ID: 3abefb91d1 No.40862

bump for more of her bumps

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.41060


ID: 6dd33171dc No.41079


Does she have herpes? Noticed a bump on her pussy lip in a picture she had sent me a while back. Always wondered, couldn't tell though and it was only 1 bump

ID: 1260160735 No.41240

all promises are fake

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.41245


ID: e912b9318c No.41273

Prob just razor bumps but I do think she was fucked by niggers while passed our recently judging by her snapchat stories

ID: 6e0dced8e0 No.41285

Damn really? What's the story on that haha I didn't catch her stories. Sickening. She's got such promise but she surrounds herself with trash

ID: a94bb21923 No.41350


ID: e912b9318c No.41370

She was with some trash ass crackhead looking blonde I never saw with her anywhere else drunk off her ass in a house that was borderline bando judging from the single bulb globeless lit room just barely allowing you to make out some smeared shit looking substance on a wall that someone was to fucking lazy to just wipe off. And I know right. She could fuck some guy and get him to wife her and never have to work while he makes bank but she wants to be dumb and act like she's cool cause she is living some rebel wannabe lifestyle but in reality getting ptfo drunk in a room of niggers with one other girl that looks like she has 3 teeth left from crack addiction is watch she chooses. She will be prego by some nigger that fucked her blacked out with 6 other niggers in no time and addicted to meth not knowing who the father is. Not like it'll matter cause she'll life off wellfare for the kids since none of them broke ass niggers have a job to pay child support anyway.

ID: 75720951ba No.41373


You summed it up perfectly. That's a niggers dream, have a group of them and two white girls. Get them "fucked up for free" wait until they are too drunk to function and take advantage. And her stupid ass probably just was like why did I wake up naked? Oh well. She will never have a decent white guy after carrying on this way

ID: 79815278ae No.41617


ID: 3c32a6e9bd No.41761

Is she still banging for crack?

ID: a94bb21923 No.41763


Lmao she was fucking for crack!? 😂

ID: a8afa62572 No.41971

What a waste

ID: 0fa0c02b8a No.42243

OK, before she gets too bad and no one wants to see her. Let's see what people have in their collections.

ID: cd4ffcbd64 No.42311


ID: 36507fb50d No.42476

Can we get a repost of the nudes guys?

ID: 1260160735 No.42870

come on, some nudes

ID: 684388d694 No.42891

I think she got rid of her snapchat

ID: 7afc8b14ee No.42903

Nope. She still has it.

ID: a849c3837f No.42959

but she never answers

ID: 1260160735 No.43330

repost her nudes

ID: e546328f5e No.43331

I've got about 30 of her. Willing to go pic for pic on here with people. And I'm not talking about someone posting the ones I've already posted here of her. Fuck this bitch. She's a nigger love now and probably a soon to be junkie

ID: d18c539c32 No.43332

Who you looking for pic for pic….I've wanted to see this slut bad ever since i saw her masturbsting

ID: fbe73447d9 No.43333

Kik EDITED and join the discord. The MD one has a ton of wins people have posted you may want. Just have to post original content to be approved.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

ID: e546328f5e No.43334

Pic for pic of Brooke lol

ID: 681987e488 No.43412

It fair to say that you are the only one with win. How about helping us out and sharing 5 of your wins with us. I know i would be in debt to you.

ID: 670abaae0d No.43426

This is not a trading site. It is a sharing site. If you don't want to share that's on you but holding pics back because no one will trade "pic for pic" is mental, dude. If I had pics i would gladly share with you all.

ID: 5616a97a56 No.43446


You misunderstood. I wasn't asking to trade, i was saying I would go pic for pic on this thread of her. I'm the only one who has posted her. And one other person posted one. And then disappeared. I've just always been waiting for someone to finally post with me

ID: cd95f73992 No.43448

What if no one else has any?

Sucks to hear shes still blowing for blow lol.

ID: 5616a97a56 No.43450


People do, she's a whore lol. I'm just not sure why they don't post. Lol does she do blow? She's giving head for it now? lol Jesus. I'm glad I don't fuck her anymore. She's probably got shit now. She asked for money then. Just didn't know what for.

ID: ca35350bb4 No.43451

She hasn't reacted to the ones already posted. So how about being cool and letting us see her win. Thanks.

ID: e39c3667ea No.43474

What's her last name? Snapchat or insta?

ID: 4742e3f2a4 No.43480

File: 1489785136780.jpg (132.62 KB, 750x1334, Photo Apr 10, 12 11 59 AM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'll do y'all a solid and post. But I'm going to need others to also. At least tell some stories about her, not fake stories real ones lol

ID: 681987e488 No.43481

I do not have pics or stories. But I thank you sir for sharing what you have.

ID: dd003511a4 No.43483


I just keep hoping somebody will finally post with me lol. But she's a whore. So fuck it

ID: 08c85b5a58 No.43491

Yea I got nothing, but I'd love to see these cause I know she sucks as a person :X

ID: 50f8320c1a No.43493

Does this mean you'll post more?

ID: 670abaae0d No.43513

Well im a pretty decent looking guy and im good with the girls (not being cocky) and i've been trying to get pics for weeks and it seems that i'm not even close. So she can't be that easy lol.

ID: 31770c794b No.43515


She probably just knows about this. She's definitely easy. Offer her money

ID: a849c3837f No.43538

she's hot but not talking much on snapchat. So it's hard to get something. Thanks for the pics posted so far, she's hot!

ID: 173006d737 No.43569

File: 1489973227863.jpg (760.76 KB, 1319x2047, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 173006d737 No.43570

Ill post more when the other guy posts one

ID: d5d90a1306 No.43574


Been waiting for you to come along. Somebody who is willing to post with me. Finally

ID: d5d90a1306 No.43575

Picture didn't post, let me try this again.

ID: 681987e488 No.43576

You are a god! Finally someone who will share!

ID: 80c2725104 No.43578

Post it up let's get it goin

ID: ba1e1c0e99 No.43579


3rd time trying to get picture to upload. It posts the text and no picture, have that problem with this site at times idk why. If it doesn't work we may have to post them all to vola for everyone

ID: acfebeb41e No.43584

Post here or I'm not posting more

ID: a94bb21923 No.43591

I guess you don't know what vola is. It's posted for everybody to see the same as this. I've posted her wins to vola in this thread previously when I couldn't get pictures to load. You forget that I'm the only person who has posted in this thread before you came along. If you don't wish to post, then don't. That's up to you. I know I'm not the only person who's pictures don't always post with their messages on here. I've seen it numerous times. I'll attempt again. Like I said though, if you don't want to post.. don't? I have probably 5 videos and 40 pictures. It's not that I need win. I just think she's trashy

ID: a94bb21923 No.43592

File: 1489994565657.jpg (160.38 KB, 750x1334, Photo Jul 17, 12 28 44 PM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a94bb21923 No.43594



ID: a94bb21923 No.43595

Also, it appears this thread has reached its bump limit and will no longer be pushed to the top when posted. We need to gather all pictures from this thread, and post to a new thread with her on here. Or it will be lost. I believe 250 posts makes a post hit it's bump limit. Especially if the new guy wants to start posting with me on here.

ID: 681987e488 No.43611

The rest of us need win hahA

ID: 632dc00e00 No.43615


Hey man start a new thread with all the pictures from this one me I'll continue posting here.

ID: 50f8320c1a No.43632

New thread created.

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