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/me/ - Maine

Stephen King Really Likes It Here!

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File: 1511836184146.png (270.87 KB, 640x1136, 7B097CC3-951B-407F-BA1A-63….png) ImgOps Google


This site can’t exist without a thread dedicated to the std trailer park whore herself Chey K (ing)


Dude just drop her 1 she isn't worth the space on here and 2 there's isn't shit out there


You sound like the only guy that she didn't fuck and are upset about it. And the other things there's nothing out there she has been on here tine and time again but nothing comes except for the same thong pic which is gross as fuck. Unless you like tuna a pimples be my guest.


I agree. Get her tuna smelling pussy and pimple ass off this site. She has no wins out there, so why post her. Fucked her a few times, not that great. Don’t see what the big deal is with her. Hit her up. She won’t send nudes, but if your into herpes and smelly
Pussy and ass, then she’s your girl


She is sexy though, can't deny that


No man there is literally nothing sexy about smelly rancid pussy


File: 1511978665234.jpeg (294.54 KB, 624x941, 6C90A4E9-3D22-4365-82D9-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google


How many guys has this slut been with? Seems like every time shes on this site, a bunch of guys say they’ve fucked her, but no one took any pics or vids. Wtf!


I fucked her way back when they were still razor flip phones that's most of the reason most guys don't have shit


Tell us more about the sex


Bump for those titties


File: 1512273081983.jpg (36.59 KB, 343x579, Chey4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Bump the slut


File: 1512515398883.jpeg (187.7 KB, 633x609, 8467CA57-8F32-47C0-9ADF-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Bump this std cream pie slut


Eeww, why are people still bumping her. She’s slightly cross eyed and slightly retarded.
Is she really worth it to someone. Must be desperate. Nah, sloppy seconds are not my style. And with her, it’s a lot of sloppy seconds


Bump bump bump this lieing cheap ho bag


Heard she got fingered on the school bus in high school. So many stories about this slut


File: 1512688405091.jpeg (440.91 KB, 640x1015, 8484B184-5131-4D16-AAFF-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Here’s her dirty ass again. If you fuck that ass, wear two condoms. She doesn’t clean out very well if you know what I mean




File: 1513016500008.jpeg (257.63 KB, 640x535, 938E3878-4D0F-480A-A14D-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google


I love seeing her on this site. The amount of guys fucked with and lead on is so sad. She needs to be exposed for the lying slut that she is. We fucked a few times, but then she moves on to the next cock.
Someone expose her


So fucking what? We guys fuck any girl who looks attractive enough to us. If more girls fucked casually the world would be a much better fucking place.


Lol stop being such little jealous heartbroken babies. You found someone who fucks and then didn't have anything to do with you. You're tugging your cocks thinking about it all alone while you type with the other hand all butt hurt.
Sore little bitches.


Banged her a few times back in Raymond on Egypt road while she was dating Will L.
Hairy pussy with a gross smelling pussy




I remember she came to my apartment some years back and got mad drunk. My buddy and I tag teamed her. I fucked her ass and it got messy, so we kicked her out. Found her a few hours later in an alley way getting eaten out by some homeless guy. Once a slut, always a slut


How does some pimple ass skank like Chey keeps getting put on this site and bumped, but the hot ass girls keep getting over looked. No one likes Chey. Someone should make her disappear


File: 1513947526337.jpeg (140.71 KB, 570x993, 1CCED42D-07DF-42FF-871B-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google


I got a buddy of mine fucking Chey right now I’ll ask him to take some pics




Does anyone have her Snapchat or a way to contact her?


Praying for a Christmas miracle! Someone get some wins.
What’s her fb, insta, or snap


Bitch is a freak in bed. only downside is she's got a stinky pussy and a huge clit with herpies wrap before u tap


File: 1514353885598.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, 5A7C0AB7-2EA7-45F5-BE00-04….png) ImgOps Google

She was fucking this guy

Shane L (arrabee)

Shows how low her standards are


File: 1514501687050.jpeg (495.94 KB, 640x839, 0E7C3B7C-827B-414F-A57B-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Got this from my buddy whose fucking chey




why is everyone interested in maine std breeding ground


I know a few people who live in the hamlet where Chey lives. Don’t know how reliable their info is, but from what they say, she’s slept around the park multiple times.






Bumping for her SC. Dont care shes dirty, just want to humiliate a slur. I love doing that


Who has the wins for Christ sake


Bump this slut who loves the nut


What's her snap?


Don’t think she has one


Someone should stop by her house and give her a hard fuck.
Her address is posted


Bitch have a buddy of mine herps

Stay away from this whore




She lives in the Hamlet in Westbrook at 259 Bond St

She lives alone with her cats
Fucked her when she lived in Raymond. I got up to take a piss in the morning and heard her talking to her cats about if she should let me get her pregnant. She’s fucking bat shit crazy. Asks her cats for advice. Claims she’s depressed and has anxiety, but she sleeps around all the time. Never stays faithful to any guy. She’s a hit and run. But let this thread shows, she’s got herp. So wrap it before you tap it



Tomorrow is her birthday


If it’s her bday, hit her up wife wins.

That stank pussy is itchen for pics




Who has more stories or pics on this whore


Addresses dont match. Shes at the green one?


File: 1517186340620.jpeg (143.12 KB, 640x1025, 6F025548-D6E0-4256-AA70-0….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Nah, this is her place. 259 Bond st in the hamlet




Hear this slut is pregnant

Can anyone confirm


Can’t confirm if shes preggo but if she is, it’s from her abusing bf chris


Sounds like someone's but hurt who cares lmao. Why talk about it when the adress is posted.


Get her off here. She has really no wins. We get it, she has stds and sleeps around. The more attention you give whores, the more they act it out.






Bump this hoe bag


File: 1518227077709.png (867.74 KB, 640x1136, 82E22BFE-4A75-4C0F-92B1-05….png) ImgOps Google

This is her new bf.

High standards she has

Dumb slut


Heard she’s single now


What dateing sites and apps she on


She isn't on any sites yest that im aware of
but give it time. she jumps from guy to giuy


I heard and saw that her and Chris are still together so whoever said she's single is wrong


I know Chris’s Facebook used to say in a relationship with Chey, but now says single.
And she removed him from her profile picture
So that seems like they aren’t together, but the both of them are fucking crazy, so who knows


Why can't I find her on fb?


I can’t find her on Facebook


Whore bump


More stories on this slut. Let’s go


What’s her fb?


Ok I’ve ben informed that she isn’t single. She’s still with that pos Chris


How do I start a vola
Have a few pics of Chey that she sent me a few weeks ago. Tits with face and ass no face


go to the website

click create a room and copy and paste the link

or just use this one

all you do is type or copy and paste that part after creating the room after the url/link




Post the pictures here


She’s a good slut I can tell you that


She’s slept with over 100 guys. Had a train run on her back in high school. She’s not as much of a whore as she used to be, but she still sleeps around and cheats on guys she’s seeing.
If you got pics, post em up


Cunt bump


This bitch gave my friend herpes.
Don’t even bang her with protection. An std isn’t worth her pussy


Anyone know if this bitch is single or not?

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