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File: 1473545023278.jpg (62.22 KB, 960x636, FB_IMG_1473544940145.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: bafbd2926d No.7167[View All]

Let's get a dedicated post going to this fine piece of ass. Went to Lamar, pretty sure lives in Springfield now. Think she's given every guy in the 417 a hard on at some point.
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ID: 1a406a2a58 No.13311

Heard she was camming? Can anyone confirm?

ID: d43438c94a No.13377

Really? I would pay to see those titties.

ID: d43438c94a No.13486

Time to start searching boys.

ID: f69da26620 No.13666

5 lucky guys have already fucked her since she got the divorce according to her friend.. And now she's banging some wannabe baseball player in KC

ID: 9c269449a8 No.13685

I've been searching streammate and MFC for her, don't see her. Also did she get a tit reduction? I've been following her IG and in some of her recent bikini pics her tits are not the titans they are in the older pics posted here?

ID: d43438c94a No.14095

Any luck yet?

ID: 5b9904f5ea No.14500

Updates? Somebody's gotta have something these days… lol girl gets around more than a $5 dollar bill….

ID: d43438c94a No.14580

We just need one person to break the ice and the wins will come pouring in.

ID: 9c269449a8 No.15225

I still haven't seen her on any of the cam sites I go to. But I mean there are 100 sites.

Also… God damnit I want to see those tittayyyyyssss

I unfollowed her on IG because I got tired of her posting pics with her boo thang knowing shes gonna dump him in a month.

ID: a290b7c06a No.15233


ID: 3f29e3ec50 No.15528


ID: 0c462e4f8c No.15557

Heard she's fuckin black dudes left and right…

ID: d43438c94a No.15566

How is that different than normal?

ID: 9c269449a8 No.15575


I don't care what color the dude is that takes a pic of those titties and posts them here. Heyyyy black dudes, post them fucking titties up!

ID: 0c462e4f8c No.15583

Anyone have any stories about her or hook up details?

ID: 9c269449a8 No.16029

ill never stop bumping to see these funbags!

ID: d43438c94a No.16246

Where is the disgruntled ex-hubby? I'm sure he has plenty to post.

ID: 9c269449a8 No.16346


text him a link to this page

ID: 9c269449a8 No.16483

I was on her insta and snap, she deleted me from snap I guess because she didn't know me. I deleted her insta myself because I was tired of her dumbass pictures of her hugged up on dudes instead of taking pics of herself in bikinis like she used to.

ID: 9473c49126 No.16507

What's the word boys.. any updates? Bikini pics or anything???

ID: 9c269449a8 No.16517


the point of my story is i dont remember…. just search her fucking name, thats how i found her

ID: b6dabd4a08 No.16588

Can anyone just pay this broad for nudes already..

ID: b6dabd4a08 No.16598

Which one of you bros has hooked up with her or have a story about her?

ID: a65dfa2697 No.16621


ID: d43438c94a No.16911


ID: d1d6175750 No.16918

Your bumps are worthless…

ID: a0db0adb51 No.17040

Apparently,she's been workin out a ton and tthe boobs are gone. Can anyone confirm?

ID: d43438c94a No.17266

Only way those things disappear is with surgery.

ID: 9c269449a8 No.17322

File: 1504823894708.png (2.39 MB, 1080x1866, ffffh.png) ImgOps Google

Nope, I was wrong, this is from a few days ago and those Big Fucking Titties are still nails.

ID: d4aed3c89a No.17381

Post some more bro

ID: d43438c94a No.17684

File: 1505605322368-0.jpg (185.98 KB, 1080x1349, 18095882.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1505605322368-1.jpg (118.97 KB, 1080x1350, 17663676.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: c901844488 No.17693

Definitely want to see those tits. Keep it up bros

ID: d43438c94a No.18097

Who has 'em? I know someone does.

ID: 81ba0c9b35 No.18402


ID: 17f4509918 No.18485


ID: 42090f430c No.18567

She has to have something out there?

ID: 25945d40c8 No.18724

Looks like we may have missed our window boys… She moved to Hawaii this weekend.. But we still get tons of bikini pics now I guess.

ID: d43438c94a No.18726

No there are still old pics out there. Probably won't get any new pics though. Unless she ends up cheating on this guy too (she will).

ID: 8f33a8f465 No.18727

Who's the guy??

ID: 8f33a8f465 No.18757

Wait, she moved to Hawaii?

ID: 78ece64ce1 No.19135

Bump for wins!!!!!

ID: 2c7b72d483 No.19171


ID: 56c3a9f448 No.19238


ID: 334346d2b0 No.19252

Post pics???

ID: 56c3a9f448 No.19267

Bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bump!!!!!!!!

ID: ecdcf7c895 No.19415


ID: d43438c94a No.19729

another bump

ID: f84105e7dc No.20147

Bump!!!! Bump!!!!!!

ID: f84105e7dc No.20148

Bump!!!! Bump!!!!!!


ID: bfcdd8031e No.20209

Someone give us something to be thankful for.

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