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/ok/ - Oklahoma

Oklahoma is OK

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File: 1520132978298.jpg (38.52 KB, 212x357, 1519840742313-2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Cheapest blowjob around


I'll tell you what's cheap… Your insults.




I'll tell you what. We probably know eachother. Why don't you quit being a bitch and say that shit to my face you fucking coward.


Daaaaamnnnnnnnn roasted


File: 1520153242010.jpg (387.56 KB, 1152x1941, IMG_3786-1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Allegedly fake pictures"… When I fucking gave screen shots of the two cam girls from pornhub and gave out their names. It's not our fault you're a lazy fucking douchebag who doesn't want to read AND comprehend. Arwen Datnoid and Pixxxiedust. Look them up you dumb dense asshole… Maybe then you can piece everything together. Nudes don't exist of Toni and your constant harassment is going to land you in a fucked up place. You have my word on that.


Maybe it isn't the right time on this thread, but she's bangin' lol


What's even more pathetic is the fact you are such cowards that you act one way to someone's face like you are cool and everything is fine and then have to resort to an anonymous site to say how you really feel because you're mad you want what you can't have…. Toni wouldn't touch any of you losers with anything besides a swinging bat or a pair of knucks. If you're lucky enough you may get to choose a number between .9 and .45 but nonetheless all of your personal insults and false information are defamation of character. Pray nobody finds out who any of you are.


Yeah well she's also not interested in any of you basement dwelling losers. That's a FACT


Can you fuck heads just quit screwing with this chick she’s just going to spam the fuck outta of us later she’s good looking we I could give two fucks if I see her naked or not if it means she’s going to ruin every thread and erase them all like they did last week



If she wants to waste her free time looking up gore and gay porn then let her lmao


If YOU want to waste your time looking for nudes that don't exist then go for it dude. LMMFAO


Gay porn and gore don't bother me none.


Want the spamming to stop? Take down this thread and the tulsa one. Until the harassment and false information stops then neither will we.


If there are no nudes then why the fuck do you care so much. You should have nothing to worry about. Meanwhile you little tantrums say the total opposite. You ignore it you eventually disappear off the thread. So just ignore it and stop feeding into your ex dudes bullshit and your little post goes away. Or show us your tits. Either way we both win. P.S. no one cares


Also my "tantrums" would be a bat upside your head if this wasn't the internet. Remember that YOU scumfucks are the ones hiding YOUR identities for YOUR safety because of where this type of shit could land you so go fuck yourselves. You are all cowards.


Also, this isn't Toni. I have a dick.


File: 1520276421706-0.jpg (627.4 KB, 1600x1600, a5f7a710.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1520276421706-1.jpg (363.89 KB, 1048x1793, 4320c29f.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

She was a great fuck.


File: 1520278857118.png (193.84 KB, 480x489, Screenshot_2017-10-28-10-0….png) ImgOps Google

"Weak wins but it's all I have"
"She was a great fuck"
Yeah but you weren't baby dick minutemen pathetic motherfucker. Embarrassing sex hardly counts when you don't know what the fuck you're even doing.


Any of you other motherfuckers want to be put on blast keep pushing. I push back.


Toni you’re a fucking idiot. You’re just making it harder and harder on yourself. Your threats on here are just as incriminating as the “revenge porn”


File: 1520292680846.png (293.75 KB, 1405x1375, Screenshot_20180305-171758.png) ImgOps Google

Literally the only reason anyone is posting anything about her is because you talking shit to people and the BS posts about cars/dudes/etc.
Everytime you threaten someone or load the page with BS, we're just going to re-post her stuff until you finally take the hint and stop. It's the internet, you're never going to find these people. I don't even want to see her photos anymore! JFC


Careful, you’re gonna cut yourself with all that edge.


Yo fuckboykilla i’m over it, I’m just going to kill both of you today since I know who you are. Hope all this was worth your life. Bring your bat. It’s not gonna do shit against my Glock. Rip bruh see ya around 7


New to this thread. But I’m sure they are terrified of a guy akimbo wielding a “glock” and a brandless “45”. I’m sure with a hip fire accuracy perk equipped you just might hit something. Also glocks are shitty. Any respectable person willing to kill someone wouldn’t use such a trash as brand so I already can take threats from you seriously.

At the end of the day your just some dude threatening to murder guys for prolly smashing out a girl you haven’t smashed out, and your trying to win some personal points in hope of spraying her insides with baby gravy like the rest of the dudes on this board already have.

If a girl has had any phone with a camera for at least a year, she has nudes. So they do exist. I can assure you a girl like “that” they sure as hell exist. Prolly videos too if I had to guess. Whether or not these fine gentlemen here can provide any legitimate wins is another matter.

Primarily because now we don’t care about the wins as much as tilting you.

Hearing you regurgitate shitty threats that can be heard in every other rap lyrics has me rock hard at attention as it is. Something about them thugnasty no ragrets types that just really make me giddy.




Dammmnn, that body and them tats make up for that Trainwreck of a face.

Ain't nothin wrong wegith a Glock, except for when e-gangsters pose with them in pictures. This "killa" probably got a hi-point


File: 1520402585938.png (306.68 KB, 480x486, Screenshot_2018-03-06-23-5….png) ImgOps Google


Seriously though guys? Getting wins is one thing but threatening to kill this dude and the girl? What the fuck? She's hot and I wouldn't mind seeing those titties but some of you need to calm the hell down. Or we can just leave it alone and go back to trading wins.


No one is threatening her hero.

Some guy that wants to rail her out is threatening people on this board because said desire to rail out.





No.28768 said and I quote

"Yo fuckboykilla i’m over it, I’m just going to kill both of you today since I know who you are."

Let's see some wins but that shit is too far and dude has a point by calling it harassment. I could give a fuck less if I smash or not. I don't even know this girl.


File: 1520843423586.jpg (99.54 KB, 690x798, 1520418286428.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Lmao. Quit being an insecure shabbos goy. I just found this. Now it all makes sense.
Fucking golden bread. 10/10
I'm not OP, I have better shit to do than worry about some wheezy jewess, I'm just bored at work right now. You run in the same social circle as OP and you don't even know who he is. You're completely directionless and you think you're going to get the jump on me of all people? SAD!
OP has been at this for years and I don't even know who he is. I have a strong guess though.




Clint, Patrick, Dakota, Pol, Cody, Shane. Doesn't matter.


Dangggggg you’re making a list of all the bros that plowed out a girl you can’t get with? That sounds like you’re a pretty controlling and probably abusive individual.

I feel like if she knew you were categorizing every guy that banged her by name and threatening their lives you’re journey of attaining brownie points would probably be cut abruptly short.



Actually, he sounds pretty pathetic to me. He's basically saying "She's such a whore she'll bang anybody, but she won't bang me." She's a whore, but yet won't give you any? What's that say about you? That's the text book definition of "pathetic."


You're both clueless idiots who have not even the slightest idea what's going on. The dudes I name dropped aren't anyone who has "plowed" her. Actually everything you have both said is the complete opposite. These guys are on here looking for wins because she won't have anything to do with them and they are harassing her over it. We know who they are and this doesn't concern any of the rest of you. My threats aren't toward everyone on this board though I do find all of you to be pathetic losers. My threats are to the posters here who know us. They won't even go to their normal hangout spots out of fear of being confronted. I know this because I've gone to these places… They are cowardice and you're all idiots who get off on degrading and belittling women anonymously on a website you feel safe doing so. Fuck your safe space and fuck your feelings. You are all the one's who are upset that you can't get with the women posted on here and know how I can tell? Because if you were able to get with them you wouldn't be asking for wins in the first place. You're not the one's telling me how it is. I'm the one living it.


Blah blah blah. Just post her nudes real quick so


The closest thing to nudes you'll find are pinup modeling shoots she did where she's pretty much just wearing a bathing suit. As for nudes? They don't exist. She doesn't take nudes for this exact reason. You're all barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time.


Blah blah blah, well you’ll be missed, you flaming people was probably the most entertaining thing on this site. So I guess after this thread dies that’s it.

Happy hunting on those idiots that couldn’t keep their anonymity on this site


Wowwwww now you have photos of her in bathing suits and pinup modeling shoots saved, then you go to other peoples hang out spot whom actually have the pictures you want trying to confront them so you can try getting their wins.

You are on some next level shit man.

In fairness wanting to see her body shouldn’t be degrading at all, if people want to see it that means they admire it. It’s literally empowering to her and not degrading at all. The fact you think so shows you’re simply trying to be oppressive to her. I find it entertaining that such a misogynistic patriarchal male would be on here claiming to champion her interests when all you’ve tried doing it assert your control over her.


This has all been done without my permission and have given no one consent to post any photos of me to this site. Go fuck yourselves. You're a fucking idiot please die.


Funny you of all people know so much about consent. I'm literally sitting here with her right now and have been with her since before all of the harassment even started. You don't get to decide what's empowering or degrading to anyone. That's up to the individual to decide and nobody else. I said and have been saying as well as Toni herself has said time and again, there are NO nudes if her. She doesn't take nudes. You're all a bunch of circle jerking morons barking up a tree you'll never be able to climb. I'm getting tired of repeating myself to a bunch of cucks. Read and comprehend everything that's been said from the beginning dumbass or keep wasting your time. Your choice.


Dude, she’s ugly as fuck, why is everyone trippin out about her?😂😂 talk about a waste of time.


So she iced you and you're the bad boi white knight? No, of course you're right. Keep jerking off to her facebook photos, bruh.


Whatever you have to tell yourself to get off dude. 👍


File: 1521228978180.jpg (920.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180305_181315.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Before & after makeup


So you're familiar with social groups eh? Why not just stop being a bitch and just handle this shit?




Pathetic coward. You're afraid as well you should be.


You have zero problem harassing and shit talking a woman. Calling her from spoof numbers using a voice changer making threats. Whichever of you it is… You have no problems making threats period but yet you hide and shit talk on a site where your identity is nice and safe from the public eye. Where you can run your mouths and creep around under the radar. You're cowards in every sense of the term. You know who I am and have throughout all of this. I'm in the light so stop being a bunch of pussies and settle the beef. Or you can just pretend everything is fine and nothing is wrong to our faces until the time comes when I bitch slap the fuck out of you. It's coming…


This is just pathetic, everyone here should kill themselves


What's pathetic is all of you losers on here looking for wins of women who want nothing to do with you and you wouldn't stand a chance with in real life but yeah I'm with you on one thing YOU should ALL kill yourselves.


Yeah. You said that before. I've often wondered how anyone could possibly white knight in the situation where he was already slumming it up in this forum. Apparently dipping it in four loco and wrapping it in the liner notes of an avenged sevenfold cd does the trick. You're a grade-a toughie alright. Do you still wear the shirts from your ICP phase? No, I bet that's "pussy shit", eh?



OK I gotta give it to ya, that pic of me and Grimey is fucking hilarious!!
My friends and I got a good laugh out of it. Thanks for turning me into a meme and shit, but since it's on a fucking smutty ass revenge-porn site, FUCK YOU.
I assume you're comparing me to my friend to call me bust'd or some shit. You're still the ones who have spent weeks trying to find pictures of me naked. Holy Shit. How have y'all not died under the gravity of your own irony? I keep getting drawn back here because this is STILL GOING ON. SRSLY WHAT THE FUCK


So she's drunk, horny, and not getting any tonight so she's desperately hoping for attention on an obscure website where some guys talk about wanting to see her tits.

She's probably got a fantasy involving having a train ran on her at this point.



Ok that was the most cringe shit I've read in some time. We're really dealing with the lowest common denominator here, aren't we? I know who wrote that stupid bullshit. They know I'm not even jewish (as if that fucking matters) and they probably already know that I hope they DO cut themselves on ALL that edge. Make sure it's down the river; Not across! LOL
Shit like that is why I hate white supremacists. Holy fucking shit. W O W.
Idk why y'all wanna hyperfocus on me so much. I don't even need to do anything. I just need to wait on one of your buddies to start fucking your step-daughter-wife and for you to catch them through the bedroom window of the trailer like the cuck you are in order for your whole party to shut down! HAHAHAHA



i have this fantasy. And hold on cause it's soooooo erotic.

All of you line up on the train tracks.

I stand about 5-10 feet away.

And then after the train smashes ALL OF you I play in your fucking blood, perverts.


Start with yourself, the state can't afford your welfare payments anymore.


😢 awe crybaby pervert can't hold a serious burn to save his life so the ongoing echo chamber continues. *pats back


"I can't find nudes of this girl so now I'll call her ugly and insult her class! That'll show her!"

Masturbating with your own tears isn't a good look.


Trying to join up!


File: 1521413748240.jpg (737.61 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180305_181437.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Maybe you're new to the internet but; You realize every time you comment it just puts her back in front of the limelight, right? The ONLY reason we're talking about her at all is because you won't fuckoff. If it wasn't for you, she would have already been forgotten about by now. If you stop commenting, then she fades to the back pages and ultimately disappears. However, you keep mouthing and/or flooding the pages with BS then we're reposting her, FRONT & CENTER, Everytime so no one ever forgets who is responsible. No one gives a shit what you have to say. No one is meeting you. No one is letting you suck their cock. Its amateur Oklahoma tits or GTFO! >>29013


Quit fucking bumping this ugly fucking dude. Nobody wants to see her chubby no titty no ass fucking man body. Get the fuck over it and lets move on to some real wins of hot bitches not 12 year old cracked out transvestites.


well here comes the scat posts for weeks


Lmao. So that's why you keep sharing fake nudes? I'm so sure that's your motive… Fuck this stupid site and fuck you too. Meeting you or not isn't the issue. I already know who some of you are and the ones I do are hiding in their homes. You don't get to talk like you're about shit when you hide behind anonymity. At the end of the day you're all just a bunch of cucks sharing nudes of women that won't fuck and you're upset about it. Jerk your little baby dicks to your heart's consent as much as you want but at the end of the day you're still the one's left with your hand and/or date rape drugs. Kill yourselves.


File: 1521446519658.png (534.07 KB, 757x568, 1521446135628.png) ImgOps Google

Yawn… All this talk and no action. I'm pretty disappointed tbh.


All this over a woman that looks like a transgendered Ed from “Ed, Edd, and Eddy?” Jesus. Shut this shit down already.


Sorry you're mad bro. Pornhub still up tho.


(S)he is trap, no?


File: 1521594405236.jpg (534.23 KB, 1536x2048, Mike.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Its with this post that you've exposed yourself as a supreme normalfag and have revealed that you have no idea why any of us are doing this. Yea sure a few are giving into base desires of sexual angst but for the most part its just fun fucking with you types, the sport in unearthing what others try so hard to hide, etc… You people think that you're more special than you are when you're just another peanut in the bowl. I don't expect you to understand, I just want you to know that you're wrong.


File: 1521608746989.jpeg (26.28 KB, 367x500, 847169841228430465.jpeg) ImgOps Google

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