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File: 1513483418608.png (164.66 KB, 542x434, Screenshot_20171216-230104.png) ImgOps Google

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You bastards let the last one disappear. Bring on the wins of these sexy sluts!
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can u just be adults and take down the jen v it is obvious its the only ome anyone has of her so why post ut just to talk shit about her


What's your name?😍Who said I was a guy? 😉


if your not a guy prove it


everyone dump all your jen v here see what her and the husband have to say must like your wife fucking everyone huh


tara illams? doubt anyone does but what the fuck.


File: 1518670674762.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1547, Screenshot_2016-07-22-23-4….png) ImgOps Google

Post more and so will I


of u post anymore wins of Jen V on here there will be consequences


Like what you inbred, jen v lovin piece of shit.


you will see if anymore pictures of Jen V show up on this thread


😂😂 ok internet tough guy


do it then and see


Are you a crybaby jealous cuck? She doesn't even have your last name on her social media. Nobody cares. Go fuck a blender.


dnt matter she told me to make u guys take them down amd stoo u from posting anymore so thats wat im doin and u guys will delete that one and u wnt post amymore of her thats a fact


Little cuck boy


your a fucking joke dude let me see you round.


hahaha ur tough cnt even state who u are or come at me on fb and why are u talking shit if u dnt even have any of her anyhow


your right im not the other dude but your slut wife gave me a disease so try to pretend she isnt whore probably almost the whole county has nudes of her not our fault that you married the nasty slut in warren county so quit bein ass hurt and just move on you should leave the slut also there is beeter out there dude so quit being a fag and worrying about a fat nasty slut who fucks everyone and sends nudes to everyone in Warren county


I'm the guy who was posting earlier, I don't have any of her nor do I want them. You are asking for people to try to get you going acting like a hard ass on an anon board. Nobody is taking down your wives nude picture and there is nothing you can do about it. It's there and will keep getting re-posted like everything else, by multiple people. Getting pissy and threatening people about it will do nothing but cause yourself aggravation. So… think about that for a minute, or keep throwing a little cucky temper tantrum. Either way, it doesn't affect my life.


Bruh. You crack me tf up. Go back to youre "wife" 😂


As a excelling freelance model I have all of my photos copyrighted,they are professional for a reason and also copyrighted by the photographer who took them and his studio. I have already contacted him and sceenshotted everything on this page. I want them removed immediately, and if they're not my next call will be to my lawyer and the state police along with the screenshots of all this.


i tried to ask politely if u would take down the pic of jen v and not post anymore of her but ppl on here want to act like tough guys well im just saying now if the one ismt taken down or more are added i will also be taking this to the state police and watch them shut this site down


You realise this site is anonymous. Even the feds cant do anything. The site bounces around so much, plus it's hosted over seas. You can't prove who posted what. Hense why there are so mamy pictures. So go ahead, tell the police, all the warren cops and state boys will say is. Dont send nudes if you dont want anyone else to see.

This site will never be shut down.


There is a severe lack of understanding of how this eite works 😂


I'm not from the area just following the drama, bit which one is Jen? I'm curious


The Fiona from Shrek looking one


here is the thing u post one picture and only one cuz thats all any of u have of her then u sit there and talk shit on her the whole time so i ask politely for u to take it down and u refuse why when apparently u dnt want her up there anyhow just stating facts here i went back threw and read the comments about her so i guess it is watever just dont post anymore of her we are over it im out


I didn't post it dipshit. You're just entertaining to piss off.


im glad its entertaining to u i just dnt want no more posted on here and i was hoping whoever posted would atleast take it down


Feel like it's safe to say there are no more pictures of her because no one wanted them from her… trust me, I'm sure Jen V is handing out nudes like takeout menus


she tells me she hasn't sent any so i hope not but if so i would apprciate it if u guys wouldnt post them on here


ANY wins? Becca


I like it when these stupid cock sockets threaten to get their lawyer/police involved.

Tits or get the fuck out.


Fuck it's gotta suck to find put your wife's nudes are online. Probably shouldn't had married the whore. Too bad so sad.


to bad there is only one of her online so please go lay down somewhere


I'm going to miss sucking and stuffing Tobi's sweet vag. wish she kept her big fat tiddies.


You're the one that made the mistake on trying to turn a hoe into a house wife and you can't even spell or type. You are a real winner aren't you? LMAO!


This thread should honestly be called the Jen V thread now since that's all that's posted about on here anymore.


maybe i will start a Jen V thread just to just see how pissed her and her loser husband get hiw many ppl have wins to post in it


Do it!


you have wins of jen v to contribute to it i will make it as soon as some ppl say they have some wins to post in it


that troll looking slut will most likely call the cops if we make a thread for just her fat ass nasty fucking bitch anyhow she was at the bar in Warren like a month ago handing oit her number to every guy there bitch is nasty as fuck and her husband is dumb as fuck for even beimg with her nasty ass shit i blew my load im her amd sent her ass home to him lmao but fuck it lets makes this thread bitch shouldnt be a slut if she don't want everyone seeing her so cry bitch cry lmao


Anyone have any actual tobi wins?




anyone have any wins of Jen V to contribute to a Jen V thread dedicated just to that fat slut i want to see if she will really do anyrhing or her faggot husband


Who is this?


Anyone have chelsi b(oser)


really lmao u all are talking about making a thread of her u guys are funny as fuck cuz i know that is rhe only pics u have lmao and for wat to try to piss us off well guess wat aint worried about it cuz all u guys do is lie if u had more than that one pic maybe we would ne concerned lol but as of now just quit talking about us


ur guys are funny lmao u only have one win of her u needs multiples to start a thread lmao and u retards only have one cyz sge didnt send anymore so act like u have more but u dnt so keep oyr names out of ur mouths please and thanks


Meghan (j)ohnston wins?


see i knew you guys were just shit talkers only have one picture of me now take it down lmao lames

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