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File: 1509871753583.png (152.73 KB, 903x741, IMG_8207.PNG) ImgOps Google

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.38896

Hamilton County / 37421 area let's go!!

ID: 1c040b313e No.38926


ID: 83cc20e193 No.38931

Any Emily H? Rhymes with cartman. Or Valerie W? Rhymes with tilson.

ID: 87bbe7f5db No.38936

Request on Morgan G (last name is a color)

ID: a7232ca33f No.38937

I have a couple wins on Val. Willing to trade for another chatty slut

ID: 83cc20e193 No.38942

Wanting anyone in particular or just any? But I'd rather see Emily H or hear any stories

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.38949

Fuck trading. Someone drop some wins from Chatt so we can get the ball rolling!

ID: 64709ad747 No.38978

File: 1509978583799.jpeg (131.28 KB, 1200x1600, 4CF3EDE5-FF6D-428F-82DC-0….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Here’s one. More to come if people spread the love.

ID: 1b4f4cde80 No.38987

File: 1509989825316.jpg (762.65 KB, 1920x2560, ThJTNwT.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: b286712146 No.38988

Laiken or Alexis? (twins)

ID: 2ab3615ae6 No.38990

No one in particular feel free to just drop Chatt girls. I have 2 of EHartman and a couple more of Val and a few more of girls in that friend circle

ID: b1e675d0a6 No.38996

What is Jessicas last name?

ID: 83cc20e193 No.39035


ID: 1906877ef5 No.39049

File: 1510045887870.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3264x2448, A98FD7CF-46DD-4959-9AA3-7….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Ooltewah slut
More Val please

ID: 0ad69728a1 No.39058

More jessica please

ID: 456b75ef55 No.39063

I have wins on her. Who wants you we them

ID: 343d1bb60b No.39131

Before the last thread closed there were some pics of Katy W (ills) starting to surface. Did anyone ever find wins of her or her best friend?

ID: 83cc20e193 No.39169

Hey ValAnon if no one is going to drop anything on here wanna just swap? Email or kik

ID: 626e0dc028 No.39172

Mallory B

ID: 1c040b313e No.39191

Any girls from Chattanooga Central??

ID: fb2fe1b485 No.39199

Anything on Tiffany A.?! Went to East Hamilton High

ID: a76d873d04 No.39209

Does anyone know any girls named:
Ashley M
Kristen B

ID: 19d4049ca5 No.39216

File: 1510161738689-0.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 92E061E9-BDD3-467E-91C9-B7….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1510161738689-1.jpeg (99.01 KB, 960x960, 0AE69F9D-86DE-487A-B7A5-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Anybody have any Neely D or Lauren R?

ID: 0f7cb7ab47 No.39226

May have Ashley M….what does last name rhyme with

ID: 83cc20e193 No.39281

Let's see some Emily H

ID: a76d873d04 No.39293

Ashley M ryhmes with door

ID: a76d873d04 No.39295

Mary Ann M
Megean F

My girl friend found my stash and deleted everything so I have to build it back up again.

ID: a76d873d04 No.39296

Trade here.. that’s what this is for.

ID: cbfb2c20c2 No.39342

Zackwilly97. Trade me on kik

ID: f8b8135630 No.39373

I need Emily H badly lol

ID: c8f6b16806 No.39404

What is her last name?

ID: a76d873d04 No.39406

Yeah I need Ashley M ryhmes with oore, badly also…

ID: 959889d3eb No.39408

Emily H rhymes with Cartley

ID: e7cf4620ec No.39411

Tiffany A.

ID: 79125817fa No.39416

whats the a rhyme with?

ID: 0e493c9d06 No.39420

Sophia k?

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.39423

Ashley Lauren O rhymes with dolsen. Need wins badly.

ID: a9421dfa70 No.39435

(L)exie (m)oore?

ID: a76d873d04 No.39481

How does meigs county have more wins then hamilton??

ID: a76d873d04 No.39484

Any Brooke C(rowson)

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.39711


ID: 69bf171f15 No.39723

File: 1510638110602-0.jpg (3.13 MB, 5312x2988, 20170325_102606.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1510638110602-1.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988, 20170323_145351.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Solid hook up for about a month - she is now M.I.A. - Anyone know her and have stories

ID: a6647c67a8 No.39735

Any Kayla P? Last name rhymes with Jennington

ID: 7f6ba89a12 No.39782

Whats Katie's last name rhyme with? Any other pics, win or just normal?

ID: 0094e2f3da No.39825

Can somebody repost Tiffany A?

ID: a76d873d04 No.39916


ID: a76d873d04 No.39935

Any Meagan F(illman) out there??

ID: a76d873d04 No.39936

Zach who do you have? I can’t trade my girl deleted my stash, I have to rebuild it.

ID: a76d873d04 No.39939

Bump for Ashley M(oore)

ID: a76d873d04 No.40078

Even a teaser of Ashely M(oore),
Meagan F(illman), or Kristen B(rogden).


ID: 83cc20e193 No.40087

Bump for Emily H, rhymes with Bartmen

ID: 74ff483f3f No.40091

File: 1510934628883.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5502.PNG) ImgOps Google

My Kik is yessirpopi… Kik me for Hixson and Soddy trades. Only message me with Hamilton county wins!

ID: c65e64fee3 No.40094

Who is that?

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.40139

People asking for trades is what leads to these posts dying out and no one gets anything. No one wants to trade just upload and share people! We all win!

ID: a76d873d04 No.40175

Or the dude that insists on trading, when in reality he doesn’t have shit. Just stealing other peoples pics… (Zack Wilson)

ID: 19ce5fd8c5 No.40176

Yeah I've been burned 2x over that. I'm done trading with these fags.

ID: c8f6b16806 No.40192

fuck that zach faggot. he'll probably make another user name and keep trolling. I know his other name is bigdez something. He claims he has skyler w vids and shit but it's a sham. You're on blast, bitch boy.

ID: 7530c9c233 No.40196

Elizabeth B wins?

ID: 19ce5fd8c5 No.40210

Actually we are two different people. I have done everything and sent more than enough to people who request a trade. If anything I'm the most just one.

ID: 19ce5fd8c5 No.40211

So get your shit right pussy. I'm bigdezmoe and I'm the truth ask anyone who has traded with me I have sent them at least 30 pics of premiums. Ain't no dam sham.

ID: ac563d3b4b No.40213

I'm gonna say if you have to defend yourself by saying ask anyone and I have the best shit and I've never saved anything from you, you ain't shit. Stop trying to trade and post shit.

ID: a76d873d04 No.40218

Umm… yeah this site is for posting not trading, so until either one of you post wins you’re both lying pieces of pussy ass shit..

ID: 19ce5fd8c5 No.40242

Once again didn't say I had the best shit. Look if you're going to argue or call someone out at least put some intellect behind your arguement or at least read what the person said correctly. I don't see where either one of us said we had skylar w vids. So if you know that you must've been trying to trade pussy. Sorry, I forgot bums usually have their hands out and want shit for free all the time. Cry babies. So until y'all start posting wins I'll do what I please. Cry about it some more.

ID: a76d873d04 No.40249

Like we said… all talk no walk… but thinks he is walking… how about you read what was said… this is a shareing site NOT trading site.. so until you’re willing to share you GTFO… pussy ass bitch..

ID: 7bcdd019d2 No.40256

this is why we can't ever get these threads popping because people want to trade too much. Just post some shit ffs. we're all on the same damn team!!!

ID: 617c83039b No.40261

Anyone have any wins of Corinna B. uchanan

ID: cbfb2c20c2 No.40304

You guys are upset because you have ugly ass hoes to trade lmao. Get some good shit and we will talk. Bitch boys

ID: f605fd69b4 No.40312

Anybody know who this is? Yessirpoppi posted it so she may be a dude, but she's still cute.

ID: a76d873d04 No.40337

No we’re upset because you want to trade then back out when we send pics… your a parents basement living mouth breathing lying MFer

ID: 62eee2dda4 No.40347

File: 1511203000573.jpg (94.54 KB, 720x960, IMG_5544.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

I ain't bullshittin anyone lol, I got them. Just waiting on y'all

ID: 7b03e12f77 No.40360

Bro, shes burned cause of the dick thing. Post her up and save ur rep for the other girls in ur stash.

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