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Bet Ya Can't Name Two of our Towns

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File: 1515807614489.jpeg (65.82 KB, 480x640, 5E5F22F0-0862-4DBD-B3B9-6….jpeg) ImgOps Google






Eww, nasty.


File: 1516116120735.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, EBABD493-8730-4557-A08E-9C….png) ImgOps Google

yw fam, not much to get excited over lol


That isn't me ^^^ I haven't had kids. Whoever that is you should stop posting her nude on my thread.


Lol shayde that’s 100% you, when that picture was first posted you shut right the fuck up and stopped commenting on your threads.. lol guess you’re back now. Also those tan lines and mole match 100% lol


I don't tan so I have no tan lines. I have a tattoo that is visible but not in this photo. And my boobs aren't that small because I haven't had a kid nor did I breastfeed because I DON'T HAVE A CHILD. My stomach has no stretch marks. Like, really? Yall are dumb af if you think that's me. 😂😂😂


File: 1516119026371.jpg (653.58 KB, 1944x2430, IMG_20180104_110413_213.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


You should take your bra and panties off to prove it’s not you 😂😂😂


Good try, though.


Well, lingerie. 🙄 But you clearly are dumb as hell


File: 1516123203144.png (486.57 KB, 640x1136, AA464777-0138-4E09-B7A3-0D….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1516125005594.png (305.08 KB, 640x1136, 7AEFBFE4-8DA0-40D6-9029-62….png) ImgOps Google

Is this also not you?


Someone finally delivered.


Well someone had to


Lol is she holding her fat back??


Is that her posting her own stuff still?
Wondering how to access the nudes for “inner beauty photo” 🤔


File: 1516135807640.png (254.7 KB, 610x568, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at ….png) ImgOps Google

I don't know or care whose shit is being posted, but stop posting apparently "unattractive" pictures when the people aren't even unattractive and you can disprove it with a single reverse image search. This isn't Shayde.


I agree. Thanks for posting this


It’s not her posting it’s me. The photos are taken down now they were on her patreon “modeling” account 😉


File: 1516146283864.jpg (83.41 KB, 937x1250, 4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Yo I don't normally fuck fat bitches but shayde can get this dick all day long hit me up girl we could have some real fun.


You guys are all assholes, you take the time to look at this site ( as so do I ) meaning either you don't get enough pussy in your life, or your a perv, ( I'm a perv 😀 ). But you then criticize the way people look, guaranteed half of us are ugly fucks that can't get a girl ( not me, I'm happily married and my wife follows this site). I'm not trying to be mean but if people wouldn't criticize so much, fuck you could probably see some of these girls with your own eyes. But the more you criticize the more they aren't gonna try and be sexy for you. Shade you are beautiful,,,, with every fucking curve. Guys, be nicer, i have a full, awesome sexlife, not only with my wife but with pretty much whatever friend of hers I want ( it helps my wife is bi ) but it's because you have to find the beauty in a woman for whom she is, not her actions or what she looks like. Anyways guys, let's just enjoy this page and stop criticizing. Criticizing is what's gonna get this site shut down cause it technically is slander. Fellow pervs, smarten up, shut up, keep your comments to yourself. Shade you are one sexy woman….. keep it up


ewww gross


This is fucking revolting. I'm going to throw up. Bitch is shaped like a muffin on toothpicks.


I’m with the no bashing! If you don’t like it, stfu and move along.
Half the guys claiming to be disgusted would hit that in a minute if presented with the chance.


File: 1516206830920.png (90.78 KB, 480x782, Capture _2018-01-17-11-28-….png) ImgOps Google

Haaaa. How are you going to beat someone's ass when you claim your anxiety is so bad you lay in bed for 4 days and beat yourself with a fucking book? Fucking worthless bum.


Shayde please don’t pay this silly shit any mind. You can come be our Unicorn anytime!!! You’re sexy as fuck.


File: 1516213644053.jpg (56.35 KB, 640x960, IMG_2912.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Holy fat fuck, shirt doesn't even fit 😂 Her cell phone is on her Facebook page


I bet that pussy is so warm and tight! She looks delicious


All you people standing up for her are dumb as fuck. She’s worthless. She lies about having a mental illness and talks shit about people actually doing something with their life when she sits at home in a hoarders house claiming she has too much anxiety and is too “weak” to have a job when in reality she’s a fat lazy cow who deserves nothing more than to get her ass fucking stomped and maybe it will make her a little bit prettier when her face is bashed in.


Whoa! We're here to look at tits. Don't give a fuck about your own obvious mental health issues. GTFO


I think it would be in everyone's best interest if the admin just removed this thread. One glance at Shayde's FB profile clearly shows that she is mentally challenged/delusional and doesn't have the mental capacity of a normal functioning adult.

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