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Help! We're overrun by nerds and coffee addicts!

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File: 1497322697372.png (784.35 KB, 1080x1920, river butt.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 40b94f002a No.23826[View All]

her IG is in the SS Barista_River

she has a premium snap, any wins out there? lots of near nudes. shes one of the top 5 prettiest imo. all natural.
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ID: f87e2cda8a No.31030

i got wins of her videos too

ID: f87e2cda8a No.31031

File: 1507752174365-0.jpg (170.11 KB, 1835x2448, Snapchat-1002797163.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507752174365-1.jpg (289.14 KB, 1835x2448, Snapchat-841248495.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i got tons of videos too

ID: 86e676343b No.31037

Let's see it

ID: c7ea32a442 No.31039

We've seen the Rachel wins. Where the river wins at

ID: 00555c6d17 No.31062


Hell yeah I`d like some video!

ID: 2fec845dcb No.31097

Let's gooooo

ID: ec422306de No.31132

Fuck yea dude, post more shit!

ID: f1da0090ae No.31574


ID: e6e68153be No.31591

Bump for more river

ID: 628ac762e5 No.31743

Dude that tat looks fucking good. That guy does awesome work.

ID: 6f939432f5 No.31872

Yeah yeah weve all seen her video her dad paul huwa made of her skydiving in snohomish old news shes fake and prob fake tits too our girls at my stand know her fakeness

ID: 9536bfd120 No.31886

Ha another guy claiming they fucked her. Let's here some details if it's true. Something only someone who's fucked her would know.
Oh wait you got nothing right?

ID: 02acd8b5f4 No.32146

File: 1509290771863.jpg (195.47 KB, 624x515, Screenshot_20171029-112319.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: e137ac4283 No.32147

You must be high as fuck that tat looks like fucking shit, she use to be hot until she ruined her body with all that ink and the wings on her back and ass looks like shit also, I don't understand why women feel the need to cover their bodies in ink it's unattractive to say the least

ID: 5fd46ec125 No.32148

Well luckily women dont give a shit what you think

ID: 38981c569f No.32212

Finally a half decent topless pic. Thanks for the share my man! Keep them coming!

ID: ab0a6dddb5 No.32377

Bump. Any good pussy shots?

ID: 369b3467c1 No.32679

That’s alyssa germeroth

ID: 04ce1890f4 No.32684

Big win of the week? Fake news!

ID: 6fd8a15122 No.32797

River has bangs and she don't suck dick. Dumbass

ID: 30408ecba9 No.32799

How do you know she don't suck dick?

ID: b5da08199d No.33739


ID: 2b3a834dfb No.33788

Yeah, totally. Women are only here for our viewing pleasure, right? Why should they be allowed to make decisions on their appearance that we, the anonymous readers of Anon-ib, might not find attractive?!

ID: 2d3588cc31 No.33789

Shes just insecure and likes a lot of attention you can give her all your money fuck that for me. Way better girls out there who wont look like a tatted freak at 55

ID: b5da08199d No.33795


you are a fucking idiot. probably the same dumbass that posted all of the bikini baristas names on there. looks nothing like her. not sure what joy you are getting out of this. just weird as fuck

ID: b8e792eef7 No.33805

Nah. Thats old news. The owner of
$&@@&$@ @$&@$$&@$ bikini stands obviously was bashing foxy lady and cowgirls by posting those vids. And a couple other. That owner also had it out for the male named actor because he helped one of the girls sue her and settle out of court. The barista was working for him and he was a lawyer or knew lawyers. She never got her hourly and settled for $20k but revenge is a bitch. Shes posting all over these boards. Theres another guy posting shit bashing girls too because he wants jesus to wipe the stands away.

ID: 8c4116b488 No.33914

I know that guy. He told me that shit. What a bitch. She hates on all of them now that snoho county might shut them down.

ID: 573e6d90e6 No.33918

Bump in hopes of a good full chest picture

ID: 2836d5ea33 No.34023

Does anyone have the sex vids rachel is in? Or any of rivers sex vids?

ID: aa84ec6c54 No.34025

Not trying to hate or judge here but if any of these girls took their lives seriously, they wouldn't be in those stands anyways. When did all these things start cropping up? They're basically discount strip joints that serve coffee, do these chicks think they're aspiring models or something?

ID: f65d1ab33c No.34079

Any good pussy yet

ID: f65d1ab33c No.34084

Has anyone had actual luck getting her in bed for a few hundred? Is it worth it? Any quick head deals?

ID: 573e6d90e6 No.34116

She is not a hooker. No chance of getting her in bed. Any of these guys who say they did are just just dreaming. Really only chance is to get her premium snap or wait for them to pop up on here.

ID: 11a0fa30f6 No.34118

She atleast doin nudes on there?

ID: 573e6d90e6 No.34126

From time to time

ID: 6fbb178609 No.34201

I love it when the girl comes on to defend herself with lies. How do i know? Come on miss “im gettn married” you met Me at cinebar parking lot. You and a few others. Maybe you dont count that cause it was over a year ago lol. You can lie. But i wont lie. You are good. but just cause you said i was hot dosnt mean i didnt have to pay you for making me cum. And then i saw you at panda express and you snubbed me

ID: 4ef051124c No.34202

Bullshit. She's a good chick. Known her for forever. She definitely aint the cheating type. Any guy saying they fucked her are mental.

ID: e64a542c54 No.34250

Haha man shes got you wrapped and tapped haa. Good luck and sign a pre nup ha

ID: b56fb0b264 No.34255

Right im sure if she really cheated on her bf with everybody that claimed that we'd get alot better stories than "a year ago in a parking lot… with a few other people there"

ID: e64a542c54 No.34257

No her guys are loyal and they know not to talk. There wasnt a parking lot orgy idiot i just meant im not the only one. Plus one girl at beehive said she harrassed her. Look how u defend her and u aint even gettin none. So ur prob michael her pet good luck with that bro

ID: b56fb0b264 No.34260

Haha so you say you fucked her then say her guys are loyal and don't talk? So which is it? If you did nail her id bet you'd have an awesome story.

ID: 21b8e411c1 No.34262

I told you. Saw her at panda express near kent and she totally snubbed me to some douche payin for her meal like usual

ID: b56fb0b264 No.34263

Haha so you saw her in a parking lot and she snubbed you another day? Wow that's a convincing story. Lol

ID: 21b8e411c1 No.34264

Yes. But you have no idea how much money I gave her over a year and she snubbed bitchy and i could tell new guy was flowin her some stacks im sure

ID: b56fb0b264 No.34265

Lol right. So she's a high class hooker is what your saying?

ID: 7f0e45e2ca No.34479

Bump for less talk and more tits

ID: e5a5cb8442 No.34603

bump for more barista ri ve r

ID: dea33344e6 No.34619


ID: 959c5f11a0 No.34626


ID: 959c5f11a0 No.34629

Her outfit today was fucking hot.

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