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/wv/ - West Virginia

One big happy family!

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File: 1514695741578.png (37.65 KB, 220x188, WVirginiaCo.png) ImgOps Google




any active discord? really looking for eastern pan have planty of new wins


new link?


File: 1515554580776.jpeg (411.3 KB, 1364x2048, 957614C2-6714-4F50-ACFB-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Anyone wanna revive the historic WV East Pan threads?


East pan needs revived


Is the discord still up? If so can I get a fresh link?


Damn more of her!


Yeah it’s still up. Did you write in the “.” Instead of the (dot)? Lol


invite code expired


Yeah it's expired. Need a new link


what is the new discord link and set that bitch to never expire so we dont go through this everyday lol


how about just post on here instead of there? you know that shit's against the rules of the site, right?
is begging for a link every day really that much more convenient than just uploading here?


its just more convenient for the since of everything on discord is easy to use and do you think anyone takes the time to read the rules of discord?no bc no one gives a shit lol they shut one down you just make a new one easy as that


Someone wanna do an east pan?




I don't buy that bullshit for one moment, honestly

it's more convenient to scroll down a page and right-click to save instead of beg, whine and plead for a new link every day and have that shit taken down when it inevitably gets reported


We all have to come back here for new links anyway, so may as well just stay here.


Then stay here and don't get new pics. Everything is on discord now so get on board or stop crying about nobody posting pics to this dead site


Hold up. What are you doing here then?


New code


invite codes are expired, need a new one. Is there anything good in there?


Seems like the cord is dead and people keep coming here anyway. May as well eliminate that completely unnecessary step of even creating a discord for the shit since we all end up here.
Makes no sense.


I mean you really can't be surprised that a cord that allowed child porn to be posted was taken down. that's just kind of a duh thing. there are still plenty of them out there that are thriving and have new stuff posted to it every day. it's all about which one you get in and how safe it's kept


What happened to all the discord links. Any new ones. Was a great news that had the whole state on it. I log O today and my link is gone.




New link? Says ex spired


New here kinda, where do I go to type in that cord link? As in what website etc


The best WV cord got nuked….


So pissed. The WV state cord got nuked…


someone should create a new state wide one like the last


The one from this thread was nuked really fast because it had sub-18 girls on it.


Bring your ov wins here 3yzAnK


3yzAnK tyler and wetzel only




7suzjqU New Tyler and Wetzel only code.


What's the new link


Anything new.






If your looking for a place to go for Mason Co then JPrgHwN should get you there.


the kanawha putnam server still around?


Whats the link for the wv cord? Or the marshall one


New discord up and running






New one up and running. Found out what needed to change to keep from being banned. We should stay this time!


but it won't because invites keep getting posted here and anyone can join and report the server lol. trading nudes is against discord's TOS so everytime they find out about a server like that it gets the boot regardless of how the settings or anything else is. shit gets got


>being this dense



Still going strong. Need more people.


Current and former wvu dissss discord.gg/rbnbTrq


Current and former wvu dissss discord.gg/rbnbTrq


wetzel Tyler discords? Gotta lot of dumps


Who you got from wetzel/ Tyler


MU or WV link plz


New link please?


New thread still going strong



why post links that expire in 5 minutes?



New wild and wonderful


edBaPf right there is the one




Can someone send a new discord invite?


can someone send a new discord invite


So I take it this one got shut down along with everyone’s account if not someone post a new link this is bobsburger




My discord was banned too, is the server down? I just got like 20 new wins and was ready to trade


Wvu private disss discord.gg/S4TtQpF


I just made a new discord for wayne high school and spring valley high school grads.
also for misc wayne and cabell wins.

discord link knjkrvN
And follow the steps once in.


Any mdsv/wheeling discord’s?




This is where you need to be if your looking for the best tolsia,Wayne, spring-valley,tug valley, Sheldon Clark and Lawrence county wins. There are tons. Here is a invite code. k8ZssRc


Any teen Megas out there?


Wild and wonderful link?


Why y'all keep posting dead links fuck off ya little kids


Anyone have lincoln county or wv discord link


All wv colleges discord.gg/uFFQaa


discord.gg/CQ5hq7 WV colleges


Wv colleges discord.gg/CacCTj


Open no VIP needed. j48HUJE

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